• Great Printing Savings From Our UK Public Sector Procurement Agreement

Great Printing Savings from Our UK Public Sector Procurement Agreement

Before You Renew Your Contract, Let's Talk

We’ve worked with Public Sector customers for many years. We understand the tough financial challenges you face and how complex Public Sector procurement procedures can be. That’s why we’re delighted to be an approved supplier. We can negotiate the best value and terms for you and provide you with a compliant Public Sector procurement route.

Xerox Solutions

Here are a few of the solutions we offer through Public Sector procurement agreements. By purchasing through your preferred route, no matter your organisation’s size, you can benefit from the purchasing power of the largest.

  • Managed Print Services, under an expanded model of Intelligent Workplace Services, includes security, digitization, cloud, analytics and ConnectKey technology. MPS helps you gain visibility and control of printers and their associated output, supplies and support, and improves the way you use documents, saving you money, time and steps
  • Print room solutions and hybrid mail services at an affordable price, including things like on-demand printing and pre-sorting of high-volume mail.
  • Xerox® Campaigns on Demand Services that transform the customer experience through timely, relevant, personalised materials.
  • Xerox® Capture & Content Services that streamline and automate business processes to drive growth, reduce costs and transform paper-based workflows into digital ones.
  • Health Records Automation to automatically capture, extract, process and route patient health information to electronic health records.
  • Content Management Services for paper and digital content from creation to retention to transformation. Content Management is ideal for automating time-consuming, document-heavy processes like accounts payable, HR onboarding, contract management and mortgage processing.
  • Scanning services to turn paper records into easily searchable and accessible digital databases.
  • An extensive range of printers and multifunction printers with a configuration to meet the needs of most Public Sector organisations.

Choose Your Route to Market

We participate in a variety of Public Sector procurement agreements. Please choose your preferred route below to get started. Note that RM1599 has been replaced by RM3781. If you have any doubt about whether you can take advantage of a Public Sector procurement agreement, please call us on 0370 240 0234 or 02890 228000 if you are in Northern Ireland.

Crown Commercial Service, RM3781 - Multifunctional Devices, Managed Print and Content Services, and Scanning

Crown Commercial Service, RM3785 - Managed Print and Digital Solutions

Crown Commercial Service, RM1063 - Mail Solutions

London Procurement Partnership

Crescent Purchasing Consortium

National Education Printers Agreement

National Procurement Service Wales

Northern Ireland Education Authority

Scottish Procurement

IT Assist


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