• Made to Think

We are made to think. We take what is and turn it into what will be. We never stop innovating, reimagining, building and doing. And we never stop questioning.

We make packaging that talks to you, printers that listen and software that intuitively personalises and humanises.

Because Made to Think means, we’re not just thinking about the future, we’re making it.

Does AI have deep thoughts?

Artificial Intelligence

Most AI can access massive data. But Xerox is making breakthroughs in how AI makes sense of that data. AI that can reason, illuminate insights and provide deeper, dare we say, more profound thinking.

Does data have a fashion sense?

XMPie® Software

Xerox personalisation software connects real time data and content to deliver a creative and engaging experience to consumers at every step of the customer journey.

Can a selfie save a life?

Hyperspectral Imaging

Xerox is democratising access to hyperspectral imaging technology, enhancing detection and providing greater insights across industries – from saving lives to giving new life to businesses.

Can a copier catch a copier?

Proofreader App

The Xerox® Proofreader App identifies spelling and grammar errors and even detects plagiarism. Keeping every communication flawless and 100% original.

When is a cloud not a cloud?

IoT Sensors

Xerox is revolutionising IoT technology with smaller and more cost-efficient sensors. These sensors will allow more businesses to access important analytics and monitoring – like identifying harmful gas emissions to keep the air safe for everyone.

Are words worth more in silver?

Xerox® Iridesse™ Production Press

Iridesse is the only digital press that goes beyond CMYK by printing metallic silver and gold in a single pass. Enhancing every precious word and sterling image.

Can you create a mash up with your strategic report?

Audio Docs App

Convert typed documents to MP3s at the tap of an app. Hearing is believing.

Is it possible to 3D print help?

3D Printing

From support robots to jet propellers to complex widgets, if you dream it, it can be. Xerox 3D printers go beyond prototypes to produce fully functional parts faster and more affordably.