Document Transaction Processing Services

Doing business at the speed of paper is no longer acceptable. So what’s keeping you from going digital?

If you’re like most companies, you’re not sure where to begin. There are so many challenges: customers demanding instant responses; manual, outdated processes; incompatible data sources; workflow bottlenecks. It’s hard to tell what to tackle first.

We can help you get over the fear of change and dive in. But first, we assess your business and make a document processing action plan.


Xerox Workflow Assessment

We’re very experienced at helping customers take a good look at their document processes, with an eye toward digital ways of work. We help you accurately assess the current state, leverage available technology and automate end-to-end workflows. Our Workflow Assessment is the first step in identifying business processes that would benefit from automation. Here’s what it does:

  • Identifies, measures and documents current processes.
  • Determines key drivers of cycle time.
  • Uncovers friction and drag getting in the way of successful execution.
  • Provides a roadmap for implementing an efficient and effective process.


Xerox Document Transaction Processing Services

We’ll help you streamline and automate business processes to drive growth, reduce costs and transform paper-based workflows into digital ones. Our Document Transaction Processing Services provide connections to other industry-specific workflow solutions or to other business processes in your enterprise. Here are our capabilities:

Capture: Ingest information from the mailroom, mobile, electronic and other sources to scan into organisational workflows.

Transform: Process multichannel intake information with scanning, classification and identification, extraction and validation capabilities that feed downstream business processes.

Process: Apply business rules that automate repetitive tasks by establishing queues for reviewing, prioritising and routing. Integrate with ERP, CRM and third party systems.

Store: Transform paper-based processes with content management solutions that store, retrieve and retain documents and digital images based on client records management requirements.

Deliver: Make information accessible at the point of need, including call centres, end users in ERP, CRM and third party systems, and outbound customer communications.


Process Improvement Examples

With Document Transaction Processing Services in place, you can realise economic benefits such as cost savings, speed, revenue growth and better decision making. Here are a few of the areas we transform most often for our clients:

  • Inbound Customer Communication
  • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
  • Health Records Management
  • Back File Conversion


Case Studies

Check out some of the successes our clients are experiencing with Xerox Document Transaction Processing Services.
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Case Study: AgustaWestland

Fast document digitisation helps the company ship out spare parts quickly, and reduce the time planes are grounded.
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Case Study: CFS

Automated E-Mailroom and ECM improve customer satisfaction for Co-operative Financial Services.
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