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Universal Print

Together, Xerox and Microsoft are helping organisations accelerate their shift to the cloud.


Xerox and Universal Print by Microsoft — a big win for IT professionals

Together, Xerox and Microsoft are helping organisations accelerate their shift to the cloud with seamless print management, comprehensive security, and control.

Ideal for organisations that have invested in a Microsoft 365 infrastructure.

Key Features

Xerox is partnering with Microsoft to host print infrastructure in the cloud, eliminating the need for on-site print servers and installing printer drivers on devices.

Your Challenges

Ask IT professionals what are their biggest pain points, and the story is always the same: time-consuming, painful work that distracts from the high-value, strategic projects on their plates.

Budgets are tight, resources are scarce, and protecting data when you don’t have the dedicated cybersecurity specialists you need is tough.

But security and data breaches can compromise both your current financial situation and endanger its future.

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Key Challenges

  • You want to get away from managing expensive, time-consuming, on-prem print infrastructures.

  • Yes, cloud services can deliver on productivity and security, but... only if you have the right user access and controls in place. The need to oversee how data flows through the system and to protect against data breaches is overwhelming.

  • In the quest to provide employees with better working conditions and a more flexible environment, you need to embrace working from remote locations or Bring Your Own Device policies. But how do you protect against cybersecurity risks?

How Xerox Can Help

Why Choose Xerox?

We can help replace your expensive, legacy, on-prem print infrastructure with Xerox’s modern, secure, cloud-based print management solution.

We have teamed up with Microsoft to make life easier for IT professionals who host their infrastructure in Microsoft 365.

Universal Print is a new cloud print service, available to Microsoft 365 subscribers. It removes the need for on-site print servers and leverages the built-in drivers included in the Windows 10 PCs. Now you can enjoy the benefits of cloud hosting with a driverless setup for all Windows 10 clients.

Universal Print with Xerox® Workplace Cloud

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Universal Print by Microsoft, together with the Xerox Workplace Cloud print management solution, adds a comprehensive layer of security and control across the print environment. The Xerox Workplace Cloud also delivers cloud connectivity and support for client operating systems including Mac, ChromeOS, iOS and Android.

Cloud-to-cloud integration unlocks advanced print management capabilities like full printer usage tracking, feature-packed print release, mobile print and advanced security benefits.

Print to a single print queue and securely release jobs at any printer with the swipe of a badge. Additional advantages include:

  • Card or mobile authentication for user access to the printer/MFP

  • Pull Print to deliver secure release and cost control

  • Reporting, accounting and user analytics to monitor print costs

  • Print rules to limit print expenditures

  • Printing from mobile devices for guest users

  • Central configuration and management of printer security settings

Built on the Azure platform, Xerox Workplace Cloud offers a robust and dependable turnkey solution for Microsoft 365 users.

The result? A secure print infrastructure. An IT team that’s freed up to prioritise your organisation’s most pressing problems.

Direct Printer cloud connectivity and simple setup with Universal Print

For direct printer support, Xerox will provide a range of product firmware updates. The first range of products available with direct native support is the AltaLink® 8100 Series of multifunction printers (firmware updates now available on The native Universal Print printer range connects directly to a Microsoft 365 tenant. The printer directly registers with Azure Active Directory and can be managed as a native Azure object, providing simple, trouble-free cloud printing. All Xerox office devices are compatible with the Universal Print by Microsoft Connector so it’s easy to get started with the standard Universal Print feature set today.

Compatible Products

Xerox award-winning copiers, printers, and multifunction printers include flexible platforms that accommodate a wide variety of software solutions. Software functionality may vary by product model. Contact your local sales representative for detailed compatibility information.

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