Get the most from your Xerox® VersaLink® MFP or Printer

Looking to get the most productivity from your VersaLink® printer or multifunction printer? The following videos will help you get even more from these smart workplace assistants.

Browse our videos for quick tips and demonstrations on:

  • Improving users’ personalization experience
  • Saving time
  • Discovering the hidden gems of your printer or MFP


Quick Tips

Learn how to increase productivity by watching these videos (30-45 seconds each).

Customize your home screen

Set up SimpleID

Use Intelligent Search

Long-press keyboard shortcut

Show or hide features

Swipe left to right

Personalize your home screen

Customize your feature list


See how to set up specific features by watching these demos (~1 minute each).

Personalize your printer or MFP

Add Personal Favorites to your printer or MFP

Customize your feature list

Print from your Apple iOS device

Manage remotely with embedded web server

Create a 1-touch app

Print from your Android device