• The World is On Demand. Now Manufacturing Can Be Too.

The World is On Demand. Now Manufacturing Can Be Too.

The promise of bringing 3D printing to manufacturing has long been a futurist vision for advancing the industry. Building on decades of experience in printing and materials science, Xerox is turning this vision into a reality. 
By combining the power of our technology, manufacturers can make parts from start to finish in hours instead of days without sacrificing quality or strength. The Xerox difference is our liquid metal technology and AI-based 3D software
Pairing these two technologies will allow manufacturers to design and fabricate parts that meet their structural and cost requirements on the first try.

3D Printing: The Future of Additive Manufacturing

The World is On-Demand. Now Manufacturing and 3D Can Be Too.

What we're working on

Liquid Metal Printing

Xerox is the leader in 3D liquid metal technology. This technology uses off-the-shelf alloys. Parts are denser, faster to make and cheaper compared to those made with metal powders. Our AI-based design software will integrate with CAX packages seamlessly to boost productivity.

AI-Based 3D Software

With Xerox’s AI-based 3D software, we improve the digital manufacturing process- from part design and costing through to production and performance analysis- while achieving consistent and predictable part quality. Xerox software enables manufacturers to customize the most complex parts down to the printing resolution and get immediate feedback on its manufacturability.

Multi-Nozzle Extrusion Technology

Our inkjet printheads have been used in the 3D printing industry for more than 20 years and our multi-nozzle extrusion technology is used in 3D polymer printing for faster print speed and stronger parts, without sacrificing detail. This simple, yet innovative design, uses a set of nozzles that can be turned on and off during the printing process to control print start and stop positions. More nozzles means faster speed.

Advanced Material Solutions

Xerox is an emerging leader in the 3D space with many patents applicable to 3D printing, and we are working on a range of exciting new innovations to broaden what can be printed in 3D adding greater control and consistency to additive manufacturing.