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Xerox® FreeFlow® Workflow Software

Stop devouring profit with manual tasks. Make your workflow work—automatically.

More short-run jobs. More demanding applications. More need to expand and grow.

It’s an industry-wide phenomenon that’s here to stay. On the one hand, we all appreciate the work. On the other hand, more jobs can mean many, many more manual processes—each of which wastes time, devours profit and leaves little room to add value. Just look:

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$3 for every $1

For every $1 spent on print, $3 are spent on non-print activities1

Workflow automation eliminates time and related costs, freeing your people for higher-value work.

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6 hrs.

Average time spent on common tasks required to prepare a job for print2

Workflow automation puts manual tasks on autopilot, helping you monetise every production minute.

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3 – 11%

Average print volume waste due to bad data or incorrect customer file prep2

Workflow automation dramatically reduces waste, making it easier to be more profitable.

1 The True Cost of Business Communications, Keypoint- Intelligence InfoTrends 2 North American and European Software Investment Outlook: 2019, Keypoint Intelligence InfoTrends

Automate your path to profit with Xerox® FreeFlow® Workflow Software.

Bypassing manual processes and going all-in on digital workflows pays you back with more time, more capabilities, and more profit—even with a smaller or less skilled workforce.

FreeFlow Workflow Software is a collection of modular solutions that help move jobs—of any size or type—through your shop at lightning speeds. Whatever work drives and grows your business—whether it’s a mix of applications, Variable Data Printing (VDP), or complex documents, there’s a FreeFlow solution for you.

What happens when demands outpace your people?

Xerox FreeFlow "Sweet Suite" of Software solutions YouTube Video

Xerox® FreeFlow® Core Software uses intelligent, rules-based automation to put manual prepress, makeready, and job routing tasks on autopilot. Use it to automate workflows for both Xerox® and non-Xerox printers and presses.

  • Eliminate inefficiencies and waste

  • Get jobs into your clients’ hands faster and more profitably

  • Consistently meet tight service level agreements (SLAs)

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Automatically prep jobs for print, including gathering and imposing different jobs on a single sheet.

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Getting Started with Xerox® FreeFlow® Core

Join our webinar to help streamline your pre-press workflow and say goodbye to touchpoints and bottlenecks.

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Simplify the process of combining digital and scanned hardcopy into a single job.

Xerox® FreeFlow® Makeready Software takes the time and labor out of capturing, editing, and preparing physical jobs for digital print or distribution. It’s especially helpful for applications that require combining electronic and scanned content into a single job.

  • Easily combine physical and electronic documents

  • Add, delete, or move and rotate pages

  • Add tabs and tab annotations, including automated tab creation using the bookmarks already embedded in your PDF

Xerox® FreeFlow® Variable Information Suite maximises the power of variable data printing (VDP) with a suite of ultra-fast, ultra-efficient design and composition tools for Xerox® and non-Xerox printers and presses.

  • Address all your variable information (VI) needs

  • Easily produce on-demand, complex, colourful and graphics-rich jobs—and deliver them across channels

  • Add security and visual interest with Xerox-unique Speciality Imaging

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Accelerate variable workflows, including the incorporation of Specialty Imaging.

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Access essential fleet performance data in real time from anywhere on your network.

Xerox® FreeFlow® Vision Software gives print operators breakthrough visibility to fleet performance in real-time. It automates the process of monitoring, measuring and managing performance to gain actionable intelligence for performance transformation and improvement of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

  • Elegantly interactive dashboards make it easy to see accurate, up-to-date print operation data at any time

  • Eliminate manual data tracking challenges with smarter insights that put vital fleet data right at your fingertips

  • Available for a wide range of Xerox® presses and competitive equivalents via the industry-standard, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

Which FreeFlow® Workflow Software product is right for you?

Based on your jobs and automation goals, we’ll advise you on the products and modules you need to transform your workflows. With Xerox® FreeFlow® Software, we do all the work. You get all the praise—and the profit.

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Xerox® FreeFlow® Core

FreeFlow Core removes manual prepress steps, reduces costs and errors, improves productivity and integrates with existing technology systems to improve your prepress workflow.

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Xerox® FreeFlow® Vision

Decrease costs and increase efficiency with automated, real-time data on your production print operations with Xerox® FreeFlow® Vision Software.

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FreeFlow® Variable Information Suite - Data Printing

FreeFlow® Variable Information Suite offers a powerful portfolio of tools for maximum production efficiency of variable data print and electronic presentment.

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Xerox® FreeFlow Makeready®

Advanced document preparation made simple.