• MPS Ensures Printing Keeps Up with Carmaker’s Production

MPS Ensures Printing Keeps Up with Carmaker’s Production

One of the world’s top 10 car manufacturers uses a printed checklist at each of its production lines before a vehicle can move to the next stage. Plus, a quality booklet is printed for each completed vehicle. Used in more than 150 plants, printing is a critical component of the production line, and the company can’t risk printer faults causing delays.

Other departments—such as purchasing and HR—also depend on printing and demand a high degree of print security. With so much at stake, the auto maker relies on Xerox Managed Print Services to proactively manage its printer fleet.

We’ve brought the carmaker increased savings, production efficiency, better document security and decreased energy use, among other benefits to all automotive printing. Long-term, the company plans to reduce printing by digitizing paper-intensive processes.

Read the case study to see how MPS positions the automotive manufacturer to take the next step. 


Read carmaker case study (PDF, 1 MB)


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