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6 printer fails that make you want to pull your hair out

Stubbing your toe, walking behind someone slow, missing the bus… these are all intensely annoying things. 

But none of them hold a candle to a printer that doesn’t work. 

Because nothing’s more frustrating to a busy person than an office printer that won’t do the one thing it’s supposed to do.

Printer with a paper jam

1. Like when the printer jams and the office comes to a standstill.

There isn’t a more irritating reason to stop work than an unreliable printer.

2. Or when it can’t recognise your smartphone.

This thing’s a supercomputer and it fits in my pocket. Mobile printing really shouldn’t be this hard.

3. Leaky cartridges! Give me a break.

The ink’s supposed to be inside the box. Not all over Emma’s dress.

4. That alien language on the interface. 

Why wasn’t this thing designed to work for humans? 

5. Waiting in line when someone else’s job won’t print.

I don’t CARE that Adam didn’t put the right size paper in. I just need this thing to PRINT.

6. And colour smudges? ARGH. 

Oh great, yeah, we’re going to look really professional going into that meeting with this mess. 

No one has time for an unreliable printer. 

Small businesses don’t get to sit around waiting for their tech to work. And your best people shouldn’t have to deal with a printer that doesn’t work. 

So if you’re going to use something everyday, it better be able to do the things you need it to. And it better not break down when you need it most. 

A woman with a laptop using a Xerox C235 MFP in her home office

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