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Xerox Workflow Automation Services

See how we can help take time and unnecessary steps out of your business processes. 

Free your organisation from bloated processes that perpetuate inefficiency and cost. Our Workflow Automation services lead the way to greater productivity and digital transformation. 

Workflow Automation Solutions

  • Compliance Management: Streamline management of controlled information, accelerate the traceability of documents and improve audit reporting. 
  • Workflow Assessment Services: Gain a data-driven view of document-based business processes. Dynamic visualisations highlight areas for workflow enhancement or automation, giving you a new view into business process trends, paper and storage costs and step-by-step process details. 
  • Automated Invoice Processing: Reduce the time, cost, risk and complexity of capturing, routing and approving invoices, wherever they originate, and without significantly changing the way people work. 
  • Document Lifecycle Management: Automate time-based events such as publication, distribution and expiration of compliance-related documentation. Efficiently manage documentation from the moment it’s created or updated until the time it’s no longer needed or destroyed. 
  • Accounts Payable: Electronically manage the documents and data that drive AP processes for faster, more accurate invoice processing.
  • Accounts Receivable: Digitise manual processes—like paper checks and remittance documents—to reduce DSO and improve cash flow visibility. 
  • HR Onboarding: Track the entire employee onboarding process and monitor tasks across departments through a centralised location that enables automation and increases visibility.  
  • Xerox Document Analytics Service: Understand how, where and why documents are used, and then work smarter through digitisation, workflow optimisation and distributed access.
  • Personal and Office Productivity: Help knowledge workers automate and simplify their personal and office work experiences with tools such as mobile apps, DocuShare content management and ConnectKey technology. 

Workflow Automation Insights

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MPS in Action

The implementation of the Xerox® MPS solution at Vilnius Tech Park with remote control of the printing infrastructure allows for real transparency and cost control.

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