Xerox Security Summit: “What Can We Learn from Our Kids about Security?” – Steve Hoover and Ersin Uzun, PARC

Xerox CTO Steve Hoover and Ersin Uzun, vice president and director of the System Sciences Laboratory (SSL) at PARC (a Xerox company), discuss the challenges we face in securing increasingly smart, connected and autonomous systems. They compare teaching artificial intelligence (AI) systems to learn with teaching human children to make good choices.

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These PARC experts also compare a human child’s built-in immune system with building self-defense, or intrinsic security, into AI systems.

Human children and AI systems (like autonomous vehicles) are not static. They change their behavior in response to the world around them. We must help them learn to make good choices to keep themselves safe and keep others safe.

The complex human biological system also goes a long way toward keeping children healthy and safe from the inside. If we can build security into systems that are self-adapting and reconfiguring, then we can help AI to detect problems and recover from them.

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