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How the CTH Groupe streamlined its product information flow with Xerox® DocuShare®

Based in Romans-sur-Isère, within the French region of Drôme, the CTH Groupe was created in 1982. With the beautiful backdrop of the Vercors Massif mountain range, CTH’s original business model was devoted to animal breeding and agriculture. CTH expanded in 2009, setting up a new division called CONFORTO that specialized in home improvements and renovations.

As the business grew, managing core documents became extremely difficult and error prone. Olivier Nayagom, Sales Director of Xerox Channel Partner Axilis, explains why CTH Groupe turned to Xerox for further help.

The CTH Groupe has been a longtime Axilis customer. It wanted to centralize user requests for everything related to labeling, technical data sheets, safety data sheets and product packshots while allowing for remote and secure access to these documents. On top of this, CTH also needs to manage over 250 product references in different languages. What’s more, these documents are constantly evolving due to changing standards. All change requests were made by annotating paper versions or separately via email. Both processes wasted a huge amount of time and introduced multiple risks points of error.

Olivier Nayagom

"To support finding the right solution for CTH, we turned to our business partner e-Cervo, which specializes in business process automation. After working together with CTH to better understand its needs, e-Cervo recommended Xerox DocuShare to be the content management platform.”

– Olivier Nayagom, Sales Director of Xerox Channel Partner Axilis
Stéphanie Micot

“The important thing was to be able to clearly define the contours of this project. DocuShare was the ideal platform to meet the priority needs of the marketing department. The functional richness and intuitiveness of DocuShare as a collaborative ECM platform best met the scope of the project and thus helped automate CTH's marketing processes and facilitate its digital transformation.”

– Stéphanie Micot, ECM Manager at e-Cervo
Laurent Girard

"DocuShare has allowed us to consolidate and classify source documents, marketing documents, everything related to labeling, technical data sheets, safety data sheets, and more. Document access is now limited and dependent on the permissions we assign to individuals. Everything has become organized, controlled, and extremely convenient for all departments to host and access the files they need.”

– Laurent Girard, Marketing Director of the CTH Groupe

What was it like before the introduction of DocuShare?

“The technical services team would manage the creation of safety data sheets, then solicit feedback from other departments. However, it wouldn’t be unusual for other requirements to happen before the final version was approved. For example: A French label could be transmitted for a translation into Spanish, while a new safety data sheet was being created, validated, and issued — which impacts the current wording of the existing labels — but no one would know, so translation of the older version continued!”

How are things different now? What benefits are you seeing using DocuShare?

“Since the introduction of DocuShare, everyone in every department knows exactly where the others are. My regulatory department now notifies others when a new safety data sheet is available, meaning all those concerned will know the sheet has been modified and to use that version. For example, if we have a safety data sheet from 2021 and asked for a technical sheet for Croatia, we wouldn’t start from a document validated before 2021, saving us from translating the wrong version. Any document being modified is checked out and unavailable, so users know not to do any additional actions until it’s checked back in and up to date. It is now impossible to miss it, so above all, it is a gain in safety and a significant time-saver."

How did your staff adopt the tool and better ways of working?

“It took a bit of a long time to come to terms, but we have released 'tips and tricks' to get people to embrace the tool. We started with 10 users, and today we are already at 30 users. It has become part of the corporate culture, up-to-date product information is accessible, and everyone now knows where to find the documents."

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