Watch These 5 Ways to Win with the Xerox® iGen® 5 Press

When you want to push your productivity and potential, the Xerox iGen 5 Press gives you five new ways to do it. Take a look.


iGen 5: 5 Ways to Win

  1. Advanced Automation tools make all the difference. Speed up turnaround time, reduce setup time and labor costs, and optimize color accuracy and image quality to industry benchmarks. With the iGen 5’s better processes, you’ll liberate your bottom line.
  2. A Fifth Print Station for extended gamut, white and clear dry inks. Choose orange, green or blue to supplement CMYK. And, our gamut extension tool helps you determine when and how to use your 5th print station to make an accurate Pantone match. Or load our specialty white or clear dry inks and put your creativity over the top.
  3. Exceptional Image Quality. The iGen 5 produces amazing output, job to job, shift to shift, and press to press. 2400 x 2400 resolution, accurate color, and object-oriented half toning maximizes image and text quality within the same page of a document. Choose our standard dry ink or matte dry ink to achieve the right look, every time.
  4. Application Flexibility. Looking for exclusive capabilities to help you stand out against the crowd? The iGen 5 prints on thick stocks, up to 24 point. That’s rigid enough for point-of-sale signage and heavier folding cartons. When you consider the iGen 5’s ability to handle paper lengths up to 26 inches, you’re looking at an endless range of job types.
  5. A Configurable Platform. Choose between 90, 120 or 150 pages per minute. Go with four or five color stations, and choose the feeders and finishers that work for your business. In every configuration, you’re getting speed, quality, amazing automation and everything else the iGen 5 has to offer.

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