Green Production Printing

A true test of our commitment to sustainability is how we help you make green printing possible. If you can reduce your own carbon footprint, participate in more bids, and win more business based on the sustainability of your facility, everybody wins.

Moving toward sustainable in-plant printing (PDF)

Ten steps to a green print shop

  1. Understand your environmental impacts and set goals to reduce them. Implement an environmental management system, use products with lower emissions, and use non-toxic toners and vegetable-based inks.

    Facts about Xerox toner (PDF)

  2. Embrace print on demand. Create documents only when you need them to save warehouse space and resources, and reduce waste of obsolete materials by as much as 30%.
  3. Adopt latest workflow technologies. Use Xerox® FreeFlow® software to automate manual processes, manage all printing in the shop, and receive jobs and orders over the web.

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  4. Make the most of every sheet. Print as many images as possible on a sheet of paper, make two-sided prints and copies in your office, and use scan to email instead of faxing.
  5. Utilise soft proofing. Deliver soft-proofs to clients via email or the web to reduce paper use, save phone, courier and postage charges, reduce environmental impact of sending paper by air or ground transportation, and enable faster turn-around.
  6. Know where your paper comes from and recycle the paper you use. Seek environmentally preferable papers such as FSC-certified papers, and recycled content papers. Install bins around your shop to collect paper and unused prints for recycling or reuse.
  7. Reduce energy use. Upgrade to more-efficient equipment, power equipment down when not in use, and replace stand-alone office products with MFPs that use up to half of the energy.

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  8. Use good waste prevention and management practices. Recycle toner cartridges and bottles, reduce usage of hazardous wastes, and select reusable or recyclable packaging as needed.
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  9. Seek equipment designed for remanufacturing or recycling. Xerox devices are designed with recycling and reuse in mind.

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  10. Ensure you are working with environmentally responsible suppliers. Ask your suppliers what they are doing to reduce their environmental impact.