Sustainable Printing Promotes Greener Culture

More than 25 years ago, a major French retailer put sustainability at the top of its agenda, just as it has always been at the top of ours. The Xerox® Print Awareness Tool  was a key reason for them to partner with us, helping them to promote a greener culture.

The tool gives people insight into their printing habits, and shows them how to make changes for the better. Together with better print policies as part of Xerox® Managed Print Services (MPS),  the tool has led to a 40% cut in print volumes in two years.

Two-year reduction in pages printed by 1,500 people

Year 1 saw a 30% drop in print after MPS was introduced, with pull printing (jobs released by users at devices) and default duplex printing.

Year 2 saw a further 10% cut in printing when 60% of employees voluntarily adopted the Print Awareness Tool.

For the print that remains necessary, everyone benefits from:

  • A harmonised fleet of energy-efficient Energy Star multifunctional printers (MFPs)
  • A web portal to send larger jobs to a central print room
  • Better supplies management
  • Full-time Xerox on-site support
  • Increased device uptime
  • Mobile print capability

Want to promote a greener culture in your organisation?

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The implementation of the Xerox® MPS solution at Vilnius Tech Park with remote control of the printing infrastructure allows for real transparency and cost control.

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