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Xerox® Augmented Reality Assistant

It’s not science fiction. It’s reality. The researchers at the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) are currently working on software that can automate the complex challenges of creating augmented reality experiences using the power of AI.

The applications of next-gen augmented reality are nearly endless. From helping field technicians repair complex equipment to helping consumers put together a piece of furniture, the augmented reality assistants of tomorrow will be able to take on higher-level challenges and deliver experiences that make life easier.

Get ready for life to become a lot more interesting.

What we're working on

Artificial intelligence for print shops

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Empowering the IoT with Sophisticated Sensors

Today’s sensors can’t keep up with the IoT. We’re changing that.

Xerox Innovation

See how some of the brightest minds on the planet gather at our worldwide research centers to improve the future of work.

Palo Alto Research Center

PARC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Xerox Corporation and an integral part of Xerox's strategy for long-term research investment.