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Xerox® Iridesse™ Production Press

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The world has changed. It demands print applications that transcend CMYK. Meet the world’s first inline, six-colour digital platform that delivers breathtaking image quality, jaw-dropping spot embellishments and stunning metallic hues — in a single pass. Embrace your inner brilliance with the Xerox® Iridesse Production Press and turn ordinary applications into commodity-crushing opportunities to dazzle, differentiate and drive growth.

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Applications Examples

Layers of Brilliance Built In

With beautifully produced CMYK plus stunning metallic and clear dry ink applications in a single pass, the opportunity to wow is automatic.

How Print Takes Flight

Silver metallic ink beneath beautifully-produced CMYK turn any marketing piece into an iridescent chance to turn heads and stand out.

Rev Up the Wow

See how CMYK plus a metallic base with a clear dry ink overlay can help you deliver unique value as a marketing services provider.


Customer Testimonials


Learn how U.K. print shop Instant Print is unleashing its business potential.

Hear firsthand from Glen Robins, Managing Director of Instant Print, how the stunning half-tone effects, mixed metallics, Ultra HD resolution and speed of the Xerox® Iridesse Production Press are thrilling his clients and exceeding all expectations.


Supporting Technology


See the technology behind the stunning results.

Highly automated. Ultra HD resolution. The highest CMYK+ quality across the widest variety of coated and uncoated media. Premium special effects with stunning accuracy. A robust suite of finishing options. Take our technological tour to see what else sets the Iridesse™ apart.

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New Xerox® Iridesse™ Press Paints A Rainbow of Revenue Opportunity

Award-winning digital imaging technologies that seek to deliver the extraordinary on a single press.
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