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Xerox® Colour 550/560/570

Full Part # List


Part # Description
Xerox Colour 570 Printer A3 70/75 ppm Duplex Copy/Print PCL6 DADF 5 Trays Total 3260 sheets

Print Engines

Part # Description
XC 560/570 Initialisation Kit DK
Xerox Colour 560 Printer A3 60/65 ppm Duplex Copy/Print PCL6 DADF 5 Trays Total 3260 sheets

Feeding Options

Part # Description
2000 sheet A4 High Capacity Feeder (HCF)
Oversize (SRA3) High Capacity Feeder (OHCF)

Finishing Options

Part # Description
Square Fold Trimmer
Professional Finisher (PF)
Advanced Finisher (AF)
Light Production Finisher Booklet Maker
Light Production Finisher
Interface Module (Light Production Finisher)
GBC Advanced Punch
Swedish Hole Punch (Advanced/Professional Finisher)
Light Production Finisher Booklet Maker C/Z Folder
Installation of Folder Unit into existing Light Production Finisher (Folder hardware and engineering installation included)
GBC Punch DIE, Plastic Comb Binding, 20 Hole, PB-20H
GBC Punch DIE, Colour Coll Binding, 47 Hole, Round, 4 holes per inch, C4-47H
GBC Punch DIE, Twin Loop Binding, 23 Hole, Round, 2 holes per inch, W2-23H RND
GBC Punch DIE, Twin Loop Binding, 34 Hole, Round, 3 holes per inch,W3-34H RND
GBC Punch DIE,Twin Loop Binding, 23 Hole, Square, 2 holes per inch, W2-23H-SQ
GBC Punch DIE, Twin Loop Binding, 34 Hole, Square, 3 holes per inch,W3-34H-SQ
GBC Punch DIE, Velo Binding, 12 Hole, Round, 1 hole per inch,VB-12H
GBC Punch DIE, ProClick A4, 34 Hole, Rectangular, 3 holes per inch, PC-34H
GBC Punch DIE, European Loose Leaf Binding, 2 Ring Binder, 2H 8MM
GBC Punch DIE,European Loose Leaf Binding, 4 Ring Binder, 4H 8MM
GBC Punch DIE, Plastic Comb Binding, 21 Hole, PB-21H

Fax Options

Part # Description
VOIP Fax Option
1 Line Fax - DK/FI/NO/SE
3 Line Fax/Phone Kit (DK/FI/NO/SE)

Digital Front Ends

Part # Description
DFE Stand
EFI Integrated SeeQuence Suite (Impose Compose)
FFPS IPDS Software Licence and Documentation
EFI EX 560/570 Print Server
EFI Integrated 560/570 Print Server
Xerox Freeflow 560/570 Print Server
Xrite Spectrophotometer Kit (i1Pro2 OEM)
EFi Ethernet Hub
EFI Compose
Fiery Impose (for additional licenses)
EFI Integrated Hot Folder & Virtual Printer

Other Options

Part # Description
Mobility Plate
Foreign Device Interface Kit

Upgrades and Accessories

Part # Description
Xerox FreeFlow VI Design Pro
ConnectKey for SharePoint Server, inc 12 mth support & 1 MFP connection
ConnectKey for SharePoint-Add 1MFP & Support
Network Accounting Kit
USB Enablement Kit
Network Scan Kit
Postscript Kit
Envelope Fuser Kit


Part # Description Capacity
Staple Refills for Advanced & Professional Finishers & Convenience Stapler
15,000 staples
Staple Cartridge (Office Finisher, Integrated Finisher, BR Finisher & Convenience Stapler)
5,000 staples