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User Analytics with Xerox® MPS Advanced Analytics

With markets and economic trends changing at the speed of now, organisations are under pressure to stay responsive and adjust strategies on the fly. That kind of agility requires increased visibility — access to timely information and reliable insights to make business decisions in record time. So, where do you start?

Often overlooked and underutilised, print management software is a treasure trove of invaluable print data. And tapping into it, especially at the user/departmental level, can help you drive efficiency and policy adherence across your organisation.

Unlock Critical Print Data and Put it to Work

As part of MPS Advanced Analytics, User Analytics lets you drill down into the data buried deep within your print management systems, allowing you to gain a thorough understanding of print user behaviour and act on the insights in real time. Seeing what, when and even who is printing can help you highlight document intensive users/departments, reduce costs, improve sustainability, tighten security and encourage changes to user behaviour as necessary.

Line of Sight with No Room for Blindspots

You can’t act on data you can’t understand, let alone see. User Analytics can integrate data from all major third-party print management software into a single pane-of-glass dashboard view, with clear, interactive visualisations that bring everything into focus. Now it’s faster and easier to identify trends and savings opportunities, such as high volume departments, peak periods and paper-intensive workflows.

Stay nimble with a holistic view of your document environment. Whether it’s seeing the big picture or combing through the details, we’ll arm you with the information needed to maintain a more connected and intelligent workplace.