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Black and white print samples featuring a motorcycle

Real-World Feedback on the Xerox® Nuvera® Family of Presses: speed, quality and unsurpassed reliability.

There is no substitute for great images — it’s the first thing you notice, and it makes a lasting impression. So does meeting your biggest production deadlines with the best economics. Our Nuvera customers reliably print tens-of-billions of pages, from books to booklets, statements, MICR checks and much more. Our innovative technology and customer focused engineering enables them to meet their heavy duty monochrome printing needs.

We asked our customers to share their experiences and reviews on how Nuvera technology helps them. Here’s what they had to say.

Putting Treasured Books Back in Hands

“With our new fully digital production site powered by Nuvera 288 and Versant 280 with CMYK +kit, we are now able to produce high-quality short runs cost-effectively, putting treasured books back in the hands of their audiences.” Bernardo Salemme Operation Manager Edizioni Simone (Naples, Italy)

Employees of Edizione Simone with their Xerox Nuvera Press

Delivers What It Promises

"I've watched this platform grow up. With each improvement made – from feeders to dual-print engines to the next generation of stackers – the speed and quality just keeps getting better. The Nuvera 314 is not only dependable, it delivers what it promises.”

Kenneth Liszewski, Director, Print Services Matrix Imaging Solutions (Sanborn, NY)

Matrix Imaging Nuvera

Passion for Print

“Our passion is excellence in the printed word, our commitment is a quality product at an affordable price – our Nuvera helps us tell our stories and achieve our business goals, building character one story at a time. Nuvera prints are amazing quality and uptime and service incredible.”

Mark Hamby, Founder Lamplighter (Mount Morris, NY)

Lamplighter staff with their Xerox Nuvera Press

Maximizing Productivity

"At Joos Hybrid and Joos Connect, we chose Nuvera for the high level of quality and reliability of these machines. We run them in two shifts and they are able to absorb peak productions without getting us in trouble due to technical issues.”

Alex Joos, CEO Group Joos (Turnhout, Belgium)

Joos Hybrid Nuvera

Dependability and consistency equal savings

"At Spectrum Health our production print area prints over 2 million impressions per month and houses over 9000 documents in our web to print catalog. We have relied on our Xerox Nuvera’s for the highest production quality and reliability so refreshing the two Xerox Nuvera’s and two Color Presses was the right decision for our shop. Continuing to provide excellent customer service is our goal.”

Nancy Corcoran, Supervisor - Document & Mail Services Spectrum Health (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

Spectrum Health Nuvera

Reliability, Every Day

"We have been a multiple Nuvera customer since the early days back in 2004. We print more than 1.5 million prints per engine, month after month, year after year. This requires a highly reliable engine. Nuvera brings us this reliability every day. On top of that, we are a fan of the quality and image adhesion, which is very important for finishing.”

Stephan Raymakers, Managing Director Speos (Brussels)

Speos Xerox Nuvera 314 EA Press

High Quality and Extraordinary Speed

"We have three Xerox Nuvera 314 that fulfill a variety of customer orders with high quality and extraordinary speed. It is able to carry out jobs transferred from offset production in a cost-effective way. It handles thin media perfectly, coupled with precise two-sided accuracy. Additionally, it is perfect for producing user manuals, which is our main print job.”

Árpád Szijártó, Digital Production Director Spori Print Vincze Kft. (Esztergom, Hungary)

Spori Print Nuvera

Best Printing Quality of the Market

"After 15 years, Nuvera is still delivering the best printing quality of the market with unique and outstanding halftone and gray scale. Thanks to the great reliability and productivity, Nuvera helps our company meet customer requirements and deadlines. Nuvera is a very good companion for our business and after all this time, we consider it as a member of our family."

Patrizia Capodaglio, Owner Elioticinese Service Point (Milan, Italy)

Patrizia Capodaglio Elioticinese Service Point
People in business suits looking at a book with a monochrome photo of a young girl

Xerox Nuvera Presses

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