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Xerox® PrimeLink® B9100 Series Copier/Printer

Finishing and Options


High Capacity Feeder
  • Optional High Capacity Feeder
    Two trays, 2,000 sheets each – 11.69" x 7.16" to 13" x 9.49" (297 x 182mm to 330 x 241mm); 52 to 216 gsm.
  • One-Tray Oversized High Capacity Feeder with Storage Cabinet
    Adds 2,000 sheets in sizes from 102 x 152 mm (up to 350 gsm) to 330 x 660 mm (up to 220 gsm).
  • Two-Tray Oversized High Capacity Feeder
    Adds 4,000 sheets in sizes from 182 x 250 mm (B5) (up to 350 gsm) to 330 x 660 mm (up to 220 gsm).
  • Extra Long Sheet (XLS) Capability
    Print banners, book jackets, calendars and other applications up to 660 mm long, and up to 220 gsm.


  • Xerox® Production Ready Finisher
    Produces superior quality finishing and stacking with a 500-sheet top tray and 3,000-sheet stacker tray and built-in bi-directional decurler.
  • Xerox® Production Ready Finisher Plus
    Provides same function as the Production Ready Finisher. Used to connect third-party inline finishing options.
Booklet Making
  • Xerox® Production Ready Finisher Booklet Maker
    Ensures consistent high-quality stapled sets for small or large documents with a variable-length stapler, single or dual stapling option and a 100 sheet capacity. Plus, creates stapled booklets up to 30 sheets or 120 imposed pages (uncoated), or 15 sheets or 60 imposed pages (coated).
  • Plockmatic Pro 50/35 Booklet Maker
    Highest quality production booklets up to 200 pages (up to 50 sheets). Face trimming, square fold, rotate crease and bleed trim.
Hole Punch
  • Xerox® Basic Punch
    An option for punching 2/4 and Swedish 4-hole on the Production Ready Finisher and Booklet Maker.
  • GBC® AdvancedPunch Pro
    Lets you create bound documents in-house by combining printing, punching and collating into one convenient step. Choose the punch to fit your needs.
Cutting, Slitting, and Folding
  • Xerox® C/Z Folder
    Produces Z-fold, C-Fold and Engineering Z-Fold.
  • GBC® eWire
  • Xerox® Tape Binder
  • Xerox® High Capacity Stacker with Rollaway Cart
    Enables stacking and offsetting for 5,000 sheets up to 350 gsm, using standard size
  • Xerox® Inserter
    Inserts 250 preprinted or blank sheets into finishing for preprinted covers. Standard on all Finishers.
Other Finishing Options
  • Xerox® Interface Decurler Module
    Inline paper cooling and decurler unit improves throughput and efficiency, ensuring flat sheets for reliability and speed. Required for all system configurations with GBC® Advanced Punch Pro, Xerox® High Capacity Stacker.
Catch Tray
  • Simple Catch Tray holds up to 500 sheets (optional - B9100 only)
  • Offsetting Catch Tray allows each document to be offset from the previous document (optional - B9100 only)