• Better automation makes better work

Better Automation Makes Better Work

The virtual workforce of the immediate future is truly virtual. It’s called robotic process automation, and it uses software to perform rules-based business processes that are repetitive and mundane. This two-minute video shows a solution that Xerox offers right now.

This video shows how tedious tasks can now be performed by software code that cannot care that it’s doing the same thing over and over and over again. Nor can these “bots” make errors or skip a step because they were distracted. Accuracy and speed soar.

This transforms business as we know it today.

The Xerox© Automation Suite interacts with all types of systems, such as websites, spreadsheets, email, mainframes and Windows systems, and it solves the lower level task of aggregating data from various systems.

“This is more than putting in new technology,” said R.G. Conlee, chief innovation officer for Xerox Services, “we’re looking to improve the way work is done. “

This is the solution that takes the repetitive processes out of your employees’ days. Areas where robotic process automation stands out:

  • Police officers spend more time in their communities, and less time riding a desk.
  • Nurses focus on patient care instead of a quirky business processes.
  • Loan officers focus on decisions instead of process so that young families can buy their first home.
  • Instead of searching for information, service agents delight your customers with good answers.

“Xerox has been involved in automation since our earliest days, whether it’s taking paper and applying it to photocopiers, to taking manual processes today and automating them,” noted Steve Gardanier, vice president of Automation Innovation at Xerox Services. 

Robotic process automation is a giant leap in workflow and business process improvements. They‘re the next logical thing for Xerox to take on in order to improve the work itself.