Corporate Governance Committee Director Nomination Process for the Xerox Corporation

The Corporate Governance Committee considers candidates for Board membership recommended by Board members, management, shareholders and others (see below). The Corporate Governance Guidelines require that a substantial majority of the Board consist of independent directors and that management representation on the Board should be limited to Company senior management. There are no specific minimum qualifications that the Corporate Governance Committee believes must be met by prospective candidates; however, the Corporate Governance Committee applies the criteria set forth in our Corporate Governance Guidelines. These criteria include, among other things, the candidate’s broad perspective, integrity, independence of judgment, experience, expertise, diversity, ability to make independent analytical inquiries, understanding of the Company’s business environment and willingness to devote adequate time and effort to Board responsibilities. The Corporate Governance Committee does not assign specific weight to particular criteria and no particular criterion is necessarily applicable to all prospective nominees.

Our Corporate Governance Guidelines dictate that diversity should be considered by the Corporate Governance Committee in the director identification and nomination process. Although the Board does not establish specific goals with respect to diversity, the Board’s overall diversity is a significant consideration in the director nomination process. This means that the Corporate Governance Committee seeks nominees who bring a variety of business backgrounds, experiences and perspectives to the Board. We believe that the backgrounds and qualifications of the directors, considered as a group, should provide a broad diversity of experience, professions, skills, geographic representations, knowledge and abilities that will allow the Board to fulfill its responsibilities. In accordance with historical practices, the Company expects to hold the 2019 Annual Meeting of Shareholders on May 23, 2019. Recommendations received no earlier than November 12, 2018 and no later than December 12, 2018, will be considered for nomination at the 2019 Annual Meeting of Shareholders. Shareholders who wish to recommend individuals for consideration by the Corporate Governance Committee may do so by submitting a written recommendation to the Secretary of the Company at Xerox Corporation, 201 Merritt 7, Norwalk, CT 06851-1056. Submissions must include sufficient biographical information concerning the recommended individual, including age, employment and current board memberships (if any), for the Corporate Governance Committee to consider. The submission must be accompanied by the written consent of the nominee to stand for election if nominated by the Board and to serve if elected by the shareholders.