Xerox® Impika® Evolution

Highly scalable aqueous inkjet at up to 254 m/min and with up to 6 colours.

  • Recommended duty cycle: 2 to 50 million A4 images per month (in CMYK, 600x600 dpi resolution)
  • Variable resolutions and drop volumes allow you to balance cost, quality and speed for different jobs
  • Single engine or twin engine configurations
Up to
metres per minute
Up to
ASK XEROX on 1800 1031 225 or 01205022000*
* prefix the local city code when dialing from the mobile phone
Xerox® Impika® Evolution
Model Xerox Impika Evolution
Standard Capabilities Colour continuous feed printing
Optional Capabilities Rewind unit, puncher, cutter, folder, stacker
Additional resolution mode or speed, additional printhead, web cleaner, linehole counter
From 1 to 6 colours, field upgradable
Rated speed Up to 254 meters per minute
Resolution 600 x 360 dpi, 600 x 600 dpi, 600 x 1200 dpi
Digital Front Ends Xerox® Impika® IPDS Controller, Xerox® Impika® Controller
Media Types Uncoated, Inkjet treated, Inkjet matt and silk