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“It was ironic that a company building rockets had manual operations. We helped them go from processing 700 invoices a week to 7,000.”

Greg has been a Xerox® Expert for 18 years. His expertise spans a wide range of industries, from local government to aerospace.

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Greg, a Xerox Expert in Workflow Automation

Eagan, Xerox Workflow Automation Expert

Three Steps to Put Process on Autopilot

Workflow Automation makes every day easier by linking up and automating manual processes—so you can banish delayed approvals, physical interventions and manual errors for good. Learn how to make Workflow Automation most effective for your business with our three-step guide.

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Xerox Experts: Putting Process on Autopilot

Xerox Experts: Putting Process on Autopilot

Discover How Businesses Are Benefiting From Workflow Automation

Explore All the Ways to Automate Your Workflows

We offer a wide variety of tools and services to help your business reap the full benefits of Workflow Automation. No matter where you are, the Experts can help you implement and integrate them into your everyday—and are always around to provide support when you need it.
IT Services

Xerox® IT Services

Managing your own IT infrastructure can be complex, time-consuming and costly. At Xerox, we do it for you. From technology procurement and managed IT services, to cloud migrations and critical information security management, our end-to-end services and solutions take care of the tech—so you can focus on your business.

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Intelligent Workplace Services

Intelligent Workplace Services

Make your work experience more seamless, secure and smart with Xerox® Intelligent Workplace Services. By outfitting your business with comprehensive security, analytics, digitization, and cloud technologies and software, IWS optimises processes and increases productivity across paper and digital platforms.


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Content Management

Xerox® DocuShare®

Modernize and streamline your workflow with Xerox® DocuShare®It’s a cloud-based software solution that helps you organize, manage and store the full life cycle of your business content in one place. With an intuitive and mobile-friendly interface, DocuShare® outfits employees with secure access to files for easy collaboration from anywhere.


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Personalised Content Creation

Xerox® Content Hub

Ditch static documents and outdated manual processes with the Xerox® Content Hub. This secure, cloud-based, centralised digital data hub helps your teams access and update the latest content. Built to empower your employees wherever they are, the Xerox® Content Hub is far more than an efficient and cost-effective data repository—it’s a dynamic creative platform.

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Workflow Apps for MFPs

Xerox® ConnectKey® Apps

Print, scan and share from anywhere with Xerox® ConnectKey® Apps. From creating electronic documents to printing, scanning and sharing them quickly and securely, our ConnectKey® technology helps you streamline your workflows and get more out of remote work—so you can move beyond paper-based processes.


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Xerox Expert, Greg

“When we meet a new client, one of the things we establish immediately is their personal and professional goals. Part of my own discovery is learning about them.”

Greg, a Xerox® Expert who’s been dedicated to his clients for over 18 years

Xerox Expert, Joelle

“I’m very in tune with my IT clients. When I set up a meeting, I’m interested in what they’re doing and we create a relationship.”

Joelle, a Xerox® Expert who’s always curious about her clients’ businesses

Xerox Expert, Egan

“We come in with open ears and try to get a clear idea of what our clients are going through on a day-to-day basis.”

Egan, a Xerox® Expert who’s always ready to tackle new challenges