This product is no longer available.


EOMS Z-Services (also known as XPAF) is Xerox's flagship z-Series software solution.

Z-Services provide a single, unified interface for:

  • Printer resource management
  • Data stream conversion and formatting
  • Job accounting
  • Remote and local printer access
Z-Services enable the printing of high resolution, personalised documents that combine variable text and full colour graphics, as well as precision forms, fonts and logos. Z-Services also support AFP, LCDS (DJDE), XES, line mode and Xerox-formatted data streams on a wide spectrum of feature-rich, local and remote Xerox Intelligent Laser Printing systems. Print data is taken directly from the JES spool, modified if necessary, then sent directly to the printer of choice: it's that simple. Users can even send jobs to disk or tape for subsequent offline printing.

With Z-Services, customers can send any document to any Xerox printer within the enterprise, resulting in improved site flexibility, productivity and investment protection.