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This product is no longer available.


Xerox Printer Access Facility (XPAF) is Xerox's flagship software solution software solution that uses the power and security of IBM’s z/OS Mainframes.

XPAF provides a single, unified interface for:

  • Printer resource management
  • Data stream conversion and formatting: AFP, LCDS (Metacode and DJDE), and Linemode (SYSOUT) to PCL, PDF, and/or PostScript
  • Job accounting
  • Remote and local printer access

In the IBM z/OS Mainframe environment, XPAF enables the printing of high resolution, personalized documents that combine variable text and full color support, as well as precision forms, fonts, and logos. XPAF also supports AFP, LCDS (DJDE), line mode, and Xerox-formatted data streams on a wide spectrum of feature-rich, local, and remote Xerox Intelligent Laser Printing systems. Print data is taken directly from the JES spool, converted/transformed when necessary, then sent directly to the printer of choice: it's that simple. Users can even convert their documents to PDF which can be emailed to directly to the end user or stored for subsequent archiving, viewing or emailing.

With XPAF, customers can send any document to any Xerox printer within the enterprise, resulting in improved site flexibility, productivity, and investment protection.