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XLPrint PARIS Enterprise

VI, VDP, 1-1 marketing, transactional document creation and output management. Leverage investments in legacy applications by importing resources into Windows-based Paris Designer for new applications.
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Paris® software is a low-cost Windows-based solution that can assist customers in moving from their current fragmented creation and production systems of document development to an optimised workflow. The solution pays for itself and increases productivity immediately.

PARIS software is a user based document creation and output management system that enables organisations and service providers to produce and maintain transactional documents of any type to print, email, fax and archive. PARIS is designed for rapid deployment of applications and rapid return on investment.

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Key Features

  • WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) in real time for re-composition of transactional documents
  • Secure web access for job management
  • Production Spooler running as a service to automate the flow of documents into and out of the Paris system
  • Conditional Rules for personalised text and optimised output
  • Importing of dynamic charts, graphics, barcodes, signatures, Windows applications and images
  • Multi-channel delivery – print (PS, PCL, Native PDF), email, fax, Electronic Document output
  • Supports VMWare

Solution Components

  • PARIS Designer. User based WYSIWYG Design system
  • PARIS Spooler. Powerful output management system enables rated throughput on all Xerox printers, and page based tray selection, media mapping and finishing. FreeFlow optimized for production printing systems
  • PARIS Barcode Kit. (option) Barcode generation and production system includes all standard formats
  • PARIS Converter. (option) Enables migration from LCDS architecture to open network and Postscript printing, PARIS supports all key DJDE commands; therefore host data does not require any changes
  • PARIS Define. (option) Database integration system to enable database and fixed length record input. WYSIWYG data view for ease of use, drag and drop data elements, and powerful input processing rule tables
  • PARIS EDO Email/fax. (option) The EDO service enables PARIS formatted documents to be output via email or fax, document level page separation is automatic, includes look up tables to provide email or fax destinations if the data does not exist in the print or input file
  • PARIS EDO Archive. (option) The EDO Archive service enables PARIS formatted documents to be output into EDMS (electronic document management systems) with content based indexing, to enable rapid retrieval
  • PARIS AutoMail. (option) (USA only) US postal service certified mail processing system includes CAS (address verification), PAVE automatic sorting into discount groups, and Manifest providing the highest level of mail discounts up to 25% off regular postal charges

Your Challenges

Change is constant in today's business. The ability to change transaction documents rapidly and deploy them instantly via changing media is the key to keeping pace with your desire for growth and cost saving.

Key Challenges

  • Wasting time, money and resources, due to inefficient document formatting and document output management system
  • Loss of customers due to the lack of effective communications
  • Lack of new business due to the inability to produce cross marketing communications from existing host data
  • Lack of competitive edge caused by poor processes related to poor document design
  • High DSO due to poor design or inefficient document production
  • High cost of postage due to inability to pre-sort postal communications upstream before print process
  • High cost of document distribution due to inability to distribute and print locally or web publish
  • Effective use of colour in business documents to maximise the return on the document
  • Over-consuming natural resources due to poorly designed transaction documents

How Xerox Can Help

PARIS Enterprise provides a complete suite of products to satisfy your transactional document needs, including document creation, maintenance and integration with your host systems. Manage your output to all printers across your organisation, including desktop, multifunction light production and production devices across all printing technologies - from monochrome to highlight colour and full colour.

  • Increase document effectiveness through intelligent use of colour
  • Protect your brand; ensure that all your business documents reflect your corporate standards
  • Minimise distribution by producing your documents in the right format to the most suitable device or media
  • Minimise your postage cost by pre-sorting upstream before you print
  • Reduce your liability by minimizing 3rd party involvement in pre-sorting your mail
  • Introduce process efficiencies via simple barcode creation
  • Improve process via intelligent document design
  • Reduce production, postage and material cost by consolidating multiple input files and multiple output documents into one document
  • Migrate from expensive and poor quality impact printers to high quality laser printed output using PARIS for digital forms
  • Migrate from Xerox LCDS to Postscript network printers, simplify your architecture and reduce costs. Use the PARIS Converter (Option) to convert LCDS resources. No need to change host data, PARIS reads and actions DJDE's in the input data natively

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Single point of contact for your document printing, output management and document services
  • Complete peace of mind, with a comprehensive solution engineered and tested to integrate seamlessly
  • Future proof as the PARIS Enterprise software is constantly enhanced and tested to ensure compatibility with all Xerox printing devices