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Webinar: 7 Results-Generating Ideas Printers Can Implement Today

Hear from Industry Experts and Learn How to Transform Your Print Shop

You rely on a mix of strategies to help your print shop flourish, but finding ideas that are both practical and impactful can be tough to come by. That’s why we brought together four leading experts to share winning insights—from marketing, sales, business strategy and operations—that can make a real difference for your organization today. 

  • Actionable, easy-to-implement ideas for future success.
  • Key opportunities to generate positive results.
  • New mindsets to reinvigorate you and your team. 


Gina Testa

Gina Testa is the founder of Gina Testa Consulting, LLC and an expert in marketing and business development. With 32 years of executive experience in marketing, operational, product, business development and financial roles at Xerox, Gina has come into contact with, trained and provided expert advice to individuals throughout the printing industry.

Howie Fenton

Howie Fenton has been a consultant and analyst in the printing and digital industry for over 25 years, focusing on strategic, operational and financial benchmarks and new technology. He is a subject matter expert on workflow, best practices and digital communication technologies with extensive knowledge of hardware, software and process improvement tools.

Jeanette McMurtry

Jeanette McMurtry is the author of the most recent edition of Marketing for Dummies, as well as an experienced CMO with a strong track record for increasing sales, ROI, lifetime value, and lead generation. She has helped businesses of all sizes achieve unthinkable ROI’s by leveraging psychologically relevant marketing tactics and tapping into the underlying factors that drive purchase decisions.

Joe Rickard

Joe Rickard is the founder of Intellective Solutions. He is a training leader and consultant who works with printing and technology companies to improve their sales and operational effectiveness. Prior, Joe has achieved significant success in executive positions at Sharp Electronics and Xerox.

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