With Red Pepper’s Creativity and Xerox iGen® 5’s Capabilities, Everything Is Possible

See how Red Pepper, a graphic solutions agency in Mexico City, is exceeding customer expectations with the Xerox® iGen® 5 Press.

Red Pepper specializes in rigid packaging and premium packaging with high-quality finishes. Watch the video to see why the iGen 5 is a great match for Red Pepper’s business, and how the press’s versatility helps the agency arrive at more complex solutions.

Features like White Dry Ink allow Red Pepper to create a much wider portfolio, which places them in a better position against their competitors. Plus with VIPP software, Red Pepper can offer clients secure printing. The agency’s future will be in adding new applications and making more complex printed pieces.

Clients place their trust in Red Pepper because the agency creates, develops and produces ideas and concepts that make the clients’ projects a reality. Watch the video to see how the iGen 5 plays a critical role that mission.

See how the iGen 5 Press can help wow your clients.

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