• Case Study: University of Edinburgh's New Campus Print Service
Case Study: University of Edinburgh

Case Study: University of Edinburgh's New Campus Print Service

Challenge: "We launched this print service procurement project because we had aging devices that couldn't support a service fit for one of the world's top universities; we needed a suite of new functions. We knew it would be a challenging project because we have a large and complex setup. More than 35,000 students and 12,000 staff study and work in more than 150 major locations across the city."
- Bryan MacGregor, Director of User Services Division, Information Services, University of Edinburgh

Solution: "We've found that Xerox knows how to handle a tough situation. We have good rapport at every level of the organisation, and I know that Xerox feels the same about us. Working together with honesty, commitment and understanding, we've established a print service that everyone is delighted with, within a very complex and demanding environment."
- Bryan MacGregor


  • Enhanced service for mobile print, scan-to-email and cloud printing
  • >100% growth in take-up over two years
  • Environmental sustainability through shared printers, duplex printing, less toner stockholding and vehicle delivery efficiencies

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