• Case Study: State Senior Healthcare Improves Work Hours

Case Study: State Senior Healthcare Improves Work Hours

Long Term Care-Access Services had a specific issue that they needed addressed. In order for them to meet the contract’s Service Level Agreements (SLAs), they needed an Automation tool to enable assessors to complete assessment forms when internet connectivity was not available. This issue directly affected their ability to meet assessment SLA-required timeframes. This group recognized this as an issue after needing to meet new requirements outlined in a Request for Proposal (RFP).

While reviewing the RFP, the Xerox Solution Team recommended the Xerox® Automated Intelligence Technology to assist the Long Term Care-Access Services group. Automated Intelligence allowed assessors to complete the tool in a PDF form while in the home instead of entering the data on paper. With Automated Intelligence, they are able to enter the assessment and care plan data in the Automated Intelligence PDF form during the home visit without the need to have internet access. Upon return to their home office,the staff emails the completed Automated Intelligence form to the Automated Intelligence email account. Automated Intelligence then enters the data into the state’s personal care eligibility tool.

Results: The most positive change to the group’s process after implementation was that it enabled them to complete in-home assessments on the actual visit date and reduced manual work. The Long Term Care-Access Services group felt particularly taken care of due to the detail and hard work that the Xerox Advanced Developer put into the implementation and how he worked with their staff to ensure all data would be captured.

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