• Case Study: IHS Improves Print Room Efficiency

Case Study: IHS Improves Print Room Efficiency


IHS produces high-value, subscription-based analyst reports, standards guides and technical manuals. It was becoming expensive to print these materials in-house, especially with aging offset equipment. IHS had a corporate initiative to divest from printing in-house to save money and gain efficiencies.


IHS worked with Xerox to consolidate two offset printing facilities, developing a centralized digital print center that’s co-managed by Xerox.


  • Gained new workflow efficiencies, including a dedicated print-on-demand workflow and web-to-print ordering service
  • Achieved savings of approximately $2 million
  • Streamlined turnaround time from several days to two hours
  • Significantly decreased inventory and reduced print waste by 18 percent
  • Increased use of in-house printing to over 3 million impressions a year

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