• Goosebumps

The problems we love to solve

Innovation is a sometimes overused word that means different things to different people and organisations. Stripped to its essence, though, innovation represents the act of making things work better today and tomorrow than they did yesterday.

That much is pretty universal. Choosing which problems to dedicate your life to — that’s where it gets personal.

One problem might take a month to crack. The next one might take a decade. There are issues that trouble whole departments — and others that affect the entire planet.

The problems you choose to focus on are the ones that define you. They tell the world what you care about, and where you believe you can make a difference. They inform your stakeholders what type of innovation you are best at.

The slideshare below tells you about the kind of problems we at Xerox have dedicated ourselves to — the kind that gives us goosebumps. Maybe they’ll have the same impact on you.

Goosebumps from Xerox


For a broader look at how these goosebump problems fit into the fabric of Xerox, visit our new innovation site. There you’ll find detailed information about the focal points for our areas of inquiry, bios of leadership in the Xerox Innovation Group, links to interesting articles and more.

If you’re into innovation, disruption, transformation — or just making things better — this is a glorious time to be alive and the innovation site is the place to be.