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Xerox® Services for Digital Patient

Digital Patient Services: Transform communications processes to improve Patient Experience

The healthcare industry faces a population that’s growing, aging and demanding more from the organisations they rely on to stay healthy. Resources are stretched. Staff is spread thin. And in a lot of cases, the technology that’s supposed to make it all easier is getting in the way. With Xerox® Services for Digital Patient, you can improve your patient experience by alleviating pain points through the power of workflow automation and omnichannel communications. By managing and streamlining the way you handle patient communications and medical records, you can empower your staff and create a consistent, improved experience for patients.

Digital Patient Services to Enhance the Patient Lifecycle

Infographic showing a cycle of Inform, Serve, Onboard, Satisfy


  • Two-way personalised patient communications

  • Multichannel management deploying the right message via the right channel at the right time

  • Send health alerts, notices and appointment reminders in print and digital formats


  • Streamline patient registration process

  • Simplify information capture, data extraction and validation

  • Provide secure access to patient information with a Digital Vault

  • Reduce time spent processing new hiring and credentialing

  • Make clinical documents more accessible and available on-demand


  • Allow single patient view by digitising health records, communications and archives

  • Help prevent re-admission by managing post-treatment communications

  • Enhance patient records and care through wearable technology information capture and early alert systems

  • Automate a wide range of document and back-office processes


  • Improve health outcomes by proactively using machine learning and analytics to provide personalised insights and advise best next actions

  • Monitor and improve patient experience management with personalised surveys throughout patient journey

  • Drive the next best action for patients with targeted messaging across channels

  • Simplify billing communications across channels, including email, mail, web and phone (SMS and Interactive Voice Response)

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