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Designing Dreams Into Reality

See what print can really do.

Ready to give your designs real stopping power with print?

Watch the replay of our interactive discussion with the global creative community, “Designing Dreams Into Reality”.

Hear how you can break through barriers and bring your vision to life from these groundbreaking creative hubs: Glazier Design, thenetworkone, La Poste (France), Hobs Repro, Zimmet Group, Directory and the Graphic Arts School in Spain.

Be inspired

  • Be inspired by our star speaker, actor Stephen Amell, who discusses his superpower of bringing creativity to life

  • Explore more about communication challenges and opportunities

  • Hear from innovative industry leaders and their experience with Beyond CMYK

  • Learn about the Xerox Genesis Initiative, a free training resource to help you push the boundaries of possibility with Beyond CMYK technology

  • See where the future of the creative and print industry is headed

  • How far can print take your creative visions? Watch the replay to find out more during this global creative discussion.

Designing Dreams Into Reality Agenda


Evelyn Truter & Andrew Gunn, Xerox.

Creative Expression

Stephen Amell, Actor and Philanthropist, gives his approach to creativity and why it’s important to go beyond.

The What

Deana Conyard, Xerox, explains what design and print opportunities Beyond CMYK offers now and sustainable choices for future communications.

The Who

Julian Boulding & Stephanie Fox, thenetworkone, show the creative freedom which Beyond CMYK is already giving design communities now. Luis Heras, Xerox, shares how students at the “Graphic Arts School” in Spain are benefitting from being taught about Beyond CMYK before they start their careers.

The Why 

Eric Trousset, La Poste, share his insights on why Beyond CMYK is driving real business benefits in communications.

The How

Brief to Print Panel with Xerox host Kevin O’Donnell, client Patrick Collister, designer Darren Eagles and Print Service Provider Hobs Repro tell their Beyond CMYK story and how they’ve worked together to bring their design dreams into reality. You can also ask your questions of the panel.

The Where

Kelly Leahy & Ileana Barber, Xerox, along with Niki Kruger, Zimmet Group, show where to find support for Beyond CMYK through the Xerox Genesis Initiative. You can also ask your questions of the panel.

What’s Next? Xerox Awards

Amy Stear, Xerox, showcases your chance to become part of the “2021 Xerox Best of the Best Awards” for Print and Creative using Beyond CMYK.

Wrap up

Evelyn Truter & Andrew Gunn, Xerox.

Featured Speakers

Stephen Amell

Stephen Amell Actor and Philanthropist

Ileana Barber

Ileana Barber Global Production Color Learning Strategy Manager, Xerox LinkedIn

Julian Boulding

Julian Boulding President, thenetworkone LinkedIn

Patrick Collister

Patrick Collister Non-exec CD at Ad-Lib, Curator of The Caples Awards, Editor of Directory LinkedIn

Deana Conyard

Deana Conyard Global Product Marketing Manager, Xerox LinkedIn

Darren Eagles

Darren Eagles Owner, Inc Solutions LinkedIn

Stephanie Fox

Stephanie Fox International Consultant, thenetworkone LinkedIn

Ben Glazier

Ben Glazier Owner, Glazier Design Creative Agency LinkedIn

Andrew Gunn

Andrew Gunn Global Director of Production Marketing & Product Life Cycle, Xerox LinkedIn

Dan Harrington

Dan Harrington Business Development Manager, Hobs Repro LinkedIn

Veronica Heaven

Veronica Heaven Founder, Brief Cases LinkedIn

Luis Heras

Luis Heras Southern Field Marketing Director, Xerox LinkedIn

Niki Kruger

Niki Kruger Creative Lead, Zimmet Group LinkedIn

Kelly Leahy

Kelly Leahy Americas Field Marketing Manager, Xerox LinkedIn

Kevin O’Donnell

Kevin O’Donnell Head of Marketing UK - Production, Xerox LinkedIn

Amy Stear

Amy Stear Global Product Marketing Manager - Iridesse, Xerox LinkedIn

Eric Trousset

Eric Trousset Director of Mail Media Development, La Poste LinkedIn

Evelyn Truter

Evelyn Truter Head of EMEA Marketing, Xerox LinkedIn

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Are you ready to show your most jaw-dropping Beyond CMYK applications in our Best of the Best Awards for Creatives?

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