Taking Back the Office with Xerox® DocuShare®

When Fairfield Chair Company realized their overreliance on paper was making it difficult to provide the best experience for their customers, they turned to Xerox® DocuShare® to make a change.

With Xerox® DocuShare®, Fairfield is no longer held back by paper processes. They’ve reclaimed their office space, met their ambitious digitization goals and can now find the files their customers need instantly.

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  • Nearly 500,000 pages digitized and captured
  • 180 file cabinets eliminated from the office
  • Less time spent searching for information; instant access to files based on customer, invoice or frame number
  • Reduced print costs (35 to 40%)
  • Reclaimed up to 40% of a central office (exterior wall was previously lined with file cabinets)
  • Faster response time to customer requests
  • 50 inefficient personal printers replaced
  • Increased security, digital file backup 
  • Reduction in printing has supported Fairfield’s commitment to sustainability

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