Want to make your work go further? Put office mobility to work for your business

The ability to use mobile technology to connect remotely empowers and enables employees and small businesses in many ways including:
  • Collaboration on projects across multiple time zones and geographies
  • Reduced costs and overheads
  • Faster and easier access to information
  • More responsive businesses and employees
  • Improved work life balance by working from home

Yet despite these advantages and the overwhelming abundance of gadgets – somehow office mobility can still be challenging.


The Challenge

When you’re able to create seamless, hassle-free processes for your mobile workers, you’re empowering them to boost their productivity and increase their outputs. You’re also eradicating the headaches and hurdles that can turn working remotely from freeing to frustrating.

So where do you begin?

  • Engage your team — Make it easy for your team to go mobile. Include training in your mobile strategy. Once people see firsthand how office mobility improves their productivity, they’ll take it from there.
  • Review — Review your current processes and workflows. Workflows need to be reduced to the smallest number of steps for maximum efficiency. Mobility means nothing if there are breakdowns in flow and collaboration because a process is too hard or time consuming.
  • Improve office connectivity — Invest in a secure, and fast wireless network in your office.
  • Move to cloud computing — For remote workers that means technology that seamlessly integrates with the mobile devices and the cloud apps they rely on to get their work done. File storage, data backup and software services in the Cloud provide centralized access to business critical information and applications on-demand.
  • Choose the latest technology — Provide employees with smart phones, tablet computers or allow them to use their own devices. Add on useful mobile apps like Xerox® Mobile Link that allow them to print on the go as well as instant messaging apps and video conferencing for virtual employees.

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The key to office mobility is investing in solutions and tools that work best for your team’s unique needs.

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