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Xerox® DocuShare® Go 14

What’s New in This Release

Xerox® DocuShare® Go Digital Mail Solutions

Document Sets

Document sets involve collecting user documents to verify required data. Recipients receive an email link to the request. If not current Go users, their account will be created. They can view, upload, and approve documents.

Use Case Examples: AP Invoices / Client Onboard / HR Operations / Employee Onboarding / Real Estate Listing / Leasing / Insurance Claims

Document Set Builder

Administrators can create/edit a Document Set from the new node in Management.

New Document Set Request

Administrators and configured approvers will see the [New Request] button to create document requests. When a new user receives an email, they can click the link to set up their account by providing their First Name, Last Name, and Password. Approvers are added as Edit members of the Document Set group and can approve requests assigned to them.

Provide Documents in request

A user who sends a request for a Document Set will get a notification with a link directly to the request. The user will then be shown each of the requested documents in the set and their status.

Approver Review Requests

Approvers see the requests they have access to and their status. They can open a request, approve individual documents, and comment. A request can be opened or moved to trash.

Send Email for Rescan, Forward Original requests

There is an option to integrate with the DocuShare Go API to enhance the ability to fulfill requests for rescanning or forwarding original mail documents.

Xerox® DocuShare® Go

Document Type Builder

Streamlined experience to build the entire document type in a single dialog. When creating or editing a document type, there is the ability also to create or edit document fields.

DocuShare 7 Import

Customers wanting to migrate from DocuShare 7 to DocuShare Go can use a documented method to do so. This method involves using a tool created by DocuShare to export one collection at a time into DocuShare Go with the import tool or script.

For more information, please contact your DocuShare sales rep or fill out a DocuShare Contact Us form to have a sales rep contact you with more information.

Content Rules

Allow assignment of User Group to the Approver list

Simple Approval:

  • Any single user in the group can approve or reject. First one wins,

Multiple: Can be configured for Any or All.

  • If All, then all users in the group must approve.

  • If Any, then it is the same as Simple approval.


  • When the task is created for that sequential row, any single user in the group can approve or reject it. First one wins.

More Features

Upload Speed

  • Improved upload speeds by Virus Scanning and uploading documents in one step

Remove pricing (USD) in subscription management UI

  • Removed the pricing information on the subscription management page.

White Label Color Enhance

  • The White Label options dialog will have a 3rd color called "Tertiary Color.”

Document Type Edit

  • Display capability - the Document Type to provide easier search and retrieval of documents.

  • Document Type Field name shall remain non-editable even if it is in use.

DocuShare Go Release Notes 13

Xerox® DocuShare® Go 13

What’s New in This Release

White Labeling

DocuShare Go now enables White Label customers to select their UI colors. (For more information on the white labeling paid option, contact us.)

Content Assistant

Introducing Content Assistant, for Summarization and Advanced Extraction. This feature uses AI Integration, first introduced in the DocuShare Go 12 release.

NOTE: Quota Limits, Retry, and Key/Query Mapping are all included in the Content Assistant feature.

Content Assistant Quota Limits Include:

  • Named User plans - come with 10,000 free pages per user per year by default.

  • Concurrent User plans - come with 20,000 free pages per user per year.

Additional Features and Capabilities include:

  • Additional Page Packs can be purchased in 250,000-page packs (validity of this item is for one year)

  • When an existing organization renews, it receives a new default package.

  • Note: Every use of the Content Assistant feature will consume a minimum of 1 page.

  • Pack usage is shown on the Manage Subscription page and in the Admin Portal

  • When a subscription reaches 20%, 10%, or 0% of the quota, an informational message will be displayed to the subscription owner and users with an Admin role to notify them that the quota limit is approaching.

  • Key/Query Mapping: Advanced Extraction rules can be created by mapping a detailed description of the field to an easy-to-read field name. For instance, a field named "Gas Date" can be mapped to a description of that particular field.

Content Rules

  • Easy Edit: It is now possible to edit a Content Rule directly from the rule list without having to view the rule first.

  • Improved Classification:

  • Improved labels have been added to the dialog for content rules that perform Document Classification.

  • There are two options available now - you can either match all the terms or any of the terms.

Metadata Quick Edit

While viewing a document, you can now edit its metadata values in the detail panel.

ConnectKey: CA Hosting

When installing the ConnectKey app for DocuShare Go, you can now choose the CA region.

Additional Features:

  • Footer Height: The footer height is reduced to make more room for the application

  • Xerox DocuShare URL was updated to

Introducing: Xerox® DocuShare® Go Digital Mail Solutions

All of the DocuShare Go components listed above are applicable to the Xerox® DocuShare® Go Digital Mail Solutions. This solution can be stand-alone or combined with capture services. Learn more

Extract Addressee & Route: (Xerox DocuShare Go Digital Mail)

Digital Mail will attempt to extract a known Department or User from the first page if it is not provided in the upload to the Processing Collection.

(NOTE: Prerequisite: Onboard users and their departments into DS Go DM)


1. A department is created in DS Go DM for “Claims”. The file is uploaded to Processing without an Email or Department. DS Go will see if the first page has a match for the Claims Department and put the document in the Claims Department Inbox.

  • If there is one exact or close match (using Content Assistant), the document is routed.

  • If there is more than one match, the document is routed to the Exceptions collection for manual intervention

Collection Hierarchy: (Xerox DocuShare Go Digital Mail)

Digital Mail Inboxes can be collapsed and grouped hierarchically by Digital Mail, Department, and Email nodes.

User Ingestion: (Xerox DocuShare Go Digital Mail)

Import Users allows the upload of a CSV file with users, their departments, and their roles.

Document Type: (Xerox DocuShare Go Digital Mail)

Digital Mail Document types are created by default and are editable.

  • Contain fields: Email, Department, and ID

Collection Search: (Xerox DocuShare Go Digital Mail)

The search box in the left panel allows you to easily search through the custom collection names by typing at least two letters of the collection name.

DocuShare Go Release Notes 12

Xerox® DocuShare® Go 12

What’s New in This Release

Canada Hosting

DocuShare Go is now hosted in Montreal, Canada, in the AWS Region ca-central-1.

The DocuShare Go landing page, "Welcome to Xerox DocuShare Go," will soon have Canada listed for the Login Subscription Location dropdown selection. Use this link for direct access at

Content Rules Additions

Document Summarization

This feature allows you to get a summary of long documents using AI technology. The summary will include only the most important information from the original text, and you can choose the number of sentences you want to see (between 1-10) and the language (EPFIGS) you want to see it in. Once the summary is generated, it will be added to the summary field of the file. You also have the option to choose whether you want the summary to be reviewed.

Advanced-Data Extraction

We have an Advanced Data Extraction feature that can extract data from your documents intelligently, which is also known as indexing. This feature can extract, classify, and transform data from various sources such as scanned, typed and handwritten documents, scanned pictures, emails, and other digitized sources. It can also extract data to ensure proper and consistent naming policies, making it easier to archive and retrieve files. The feature supports fuzzy matching and EPFIGS languages, and its configuration is straightforward. Additionally, the tool has a Preview Extraction function to test results. Once the rule executes, field values are extracted, and metadata of the document is assigned.

ConnectKey App: Metadata & Multiple Files

Scanning multiple documents can be a time-consuming task. Fortunately, the DS GO web UI offers a solution by allowing you to scan a QR code and enter relevant information on your phone, tablet or PC. Furthermore, the ConnectKey App enables you to print separator sheets, which can be used to scan multiple files into DS GO in one go. This not only saves time but also streamlines the scanning process.

White Labeling

DocuShare Go now offers a White Label option for an additional cost.

(Contact us for White Labeling information.)

White Labeling DocuShare Go includes:
  • Help Link – A hyperlink will be embedded in the question mark icon located at the top right corner of the DocuShare Go web page.

  • Color Scheme – The UI primary and secondary colors may be customized or kept as default.

  • New Subdomain Name – A unique URL will be created to include the specific Product Name (e.g. <product-name>

  • Login Page – The domain URL will contain regional information specific to each client. (e.g. <product-name> or

  • Email branding – Emails will be customized with the organization's branding and logo.

Virus Scanning

As an additional safety measure, all uploaded files are scanned for known virus signatures to ensure that every organization remains isolated from any potential threats.

History Logs

When a user selects a file(s) and picks the Print action, that action is logged in the History of the file.

DocuShare Go Release Notes 11

Xerox® DocuShare® Go 11

What’s New in This Release

Restore Deleted Organization

Regular backups are now implemented to enable seamless subscription restoration in case of any potential support requirements. Previously, subscriptions were purged six months after the expiration date.

  • Restore organization to the organization pool

  • Restore organization to the resource pool

  • Restore user accounts

  • Restore s3 files

  • Restore Search index

Approvals are extended to Allow Conditional Sequential Approvers

Specify the field (e.g., Purchase Amount) and set multiple approvers with specific conditions (e.g., < or >=) to route the item for approval.

Discussion (Chat)

While previewing or editing a file, initiating a discussion with other members is possible. This feature is particularly useful when it comes to collaborating with others and receiving feedback or input.

To start a discussion, simply tag members, and they will receive an email notification. The email notification contains a link to the discussion. This feature enables everyone involved to remain informed and engaged.

DocuShare Go Release Notes 10

Xerox® DocuShare® Go 10

What’s New in This Release

Support OAuth 2.0 Identity Provider for Authentication in DS Go Connect Key application

When an OAuth 2.0 provider is selected in a Go organisation, we now allow the connect key user to log in using the device code from their mobile device.

  1. Open the DS Go ConnectKey application installed on their Xerox ConnectKey device

  2. The user scans the QR code from their mobile device.

  3. Then log in and authorise the ConnectKey device.

  4. Continue to print or scan from the DS Go ConnectKey application on the ConnectKey device.

User Onboarding

Instead of needing to invite each user to a Docushare GO organisation, a DS Go Administrator can now choose to enable onboarding. When onboarding is enabled:

  1. A 6 letter/number is created that you can provide to your target audience any way you want—for example, an intra-company email to selected users.

  2. Users with the code can go to, select their region and use the Sign-up link to gain access to the Go organisation

New Content Rules

  • Sequential Content Rule is available. It enables approvers to approve an item in sequential order. If the first approver Approves, the next approver is asked for their approval. Any approver that rejects, then the item is rejected

  • Multiple (All) Approval Content rule is available. If all selected approvers approve, the item is approved. If on selected approver rejects, the item is rejected. All users get a task

DocuShare Go Release Notes 9

Xerox® DocuShare® Go 9

What’s New in This Release

Support OAuth 2.0 Identity Provider for Authentication

  • This release has a major change in the Authentication method. The added option allows subscriptions to use OAuth 2.0 IdP for all users.

  • Customer’s IT support team would need to create an application in the IdP and provide the information to the subscription administrator for this to work.

  • User would provide IdP email address, then Go will redirect to IdP for login, and if successful, the user can access Go.

Enhancements of Content Rules

  • New Rule for Simple Review with Electronic Signature. A single user can be assigned to review fields and provide a signature as required. The Signature can be in the form of an image or text, both entered by the user and viewable via Version History.

  • New Rule for Multiple Approvals with Electronic Signature. Multiple users can be assigned to approve or reject documents and provide signatures as required. The first assigned user to Approve or Reject the task completes the approval/rejection of the document. The Signature can be an image or text, both entered by the user and viewable via Version History.

  • Updated Simple Approval to include Electronic Signature. The Signature can be in the form of an image or text, both entered by the user and viewable via Version History.

  • Document Classification + Data Extraction Change Improvements:

    • Allow typing of extracted values into a new document type field.

    • Allow typing of extracted values into an existing document type field.

    • Allow specification of time zone when extracting date/time values.

    • Provide more detailed executed statuses in the Execution Log.

General Feature Enhancement

  • Updated subscription plans page with a link to Sales Request Form.

  • Improved error handling on file upload. The system detects the scenario of uploading a new version to a document using a file with a different file name or the scenario of uploading a new file to a collection with a duplicated file name. Users are prompted to take action to resolve the errors.

DocuShare Go Release Notes 8

Xerox® DocuShare® Go 8

What’s New in This Release

New Features of Document Classification and Metadata Extraction

  • The ability to classify documents and extract metadata is added with this release.

  • New Content Rule type: Document Classification + Data Extraction is added. Ability to Review, update and approve the document classification from Content Rules ”My Task” interface.

  • With the extension of the current "Document Classification" rule, DocuShare will process your files by setting the document type, extracting data from the file, and updating metadata fields based on that information. For example: Extract “Invoice Number”.

  • Default Data Extraction Pack is granted with the purchase of the subscription. This makes subscription accessible to this Data Classification and Metadata Extraction feature. Additional Extraction pack purchase is available.

  • New “Data Extraction” role is added, which has access to create rules of this type.

  • Works on PDF and Image file types. Current limitation: Does not work on Text Files.

Subscription Management

Users can purchase additional storage in chunks of 500 GB / User. Users will get a warning on their Dashboard when storage remaining reaches 10% of total capacity. Guest users can now be removed from subscriptions when they no longer require access. Guest users are granted Viewer permissions, and guest sharing is required to set an expiration date. The number of Guest users is restricted based on the type and size of the subscription. Guest users allowed are 5X the number of concurrent users and 2X the number of named users.

Security and Compliance

“Self Service” Free Trial was removed from the self-service interface due to Sanction Scanning requirements. Trials will now be processed only through the back office. Xerox Internal AD Option is removed. This is to position the product for an upcoming feature of Single Sign On.


Chat Bot is removed in production due to low usage. The community site is open to all users, and FAQs will continue to be updated.

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