• Packaging - Direct to Object and Late Stage Customization

Direct to Object & Late Stage Customisation

For many applications, labels can be eliminated by printing directly onto objects and packages as late in the fulfillment process as possible. The benefit? The ability to reduce package processing costs and respond to changing business needs. From direct object printing to inline direct package coding and marking solutions, Xerox offers digital object print packaging technologies that enable ink or inkless, mono or colour printing, at high speeds and with exceptional quality customisation.

Featured Technology

Xerox® Direct to Object Inkjet Printer
Xerox® Direct to Object Inkjet Printer

On-demand, personalised printing on three-dimensional objects and a variety of substrates.
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Next Gen Personalised Printing: Direct to Object

From bottle caps to football helmets — create fun, memorable and personal experiences by printing directly onto objects of various sizes and surfaces.

Next Gen Personalized Printing: Direct to Object