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Customer Care

Delivering a positive customer experience is one of our core values. From technicians answering phones in call centers to service specialists, via Xerox customer service jobs, we strive to improve the customer experience at every touchpoint.


Customer Care Assistant

On her role: I work daily to enhance each customer’s experience for our client. Our call center supports software and hardware issues for multifunctional devices. I provide assistance on special projects that the client has deemed high-profile. I also enjoy assisting my coworkers by answering questions, mentoring, and filling in for my team coach when needed. 

On her business unit: We have managers and supervisors who work to ensure that all business processes and procedures are handled correctly on a daily basis. There are support personnel who work to assist and coach agents with meeting the required metrics, and who aid in ensuring that we, as a center, are meeting all expectations of the client. There are agents and/or customer service representatives who operate on the front lines. These agents are the glue of the business unit. The customer service representatives also provide the basis for our company to advance in the industry based upon the service we provide and how that service is viewed worldwide. 

On her team: The word diversity personifies my team. While we are a group of like-minded individuals, we are definitely individuals. We all originate from different places, and are members of different cultures and backgrounds. The majority of my teammates are senior agents. I believe we all work very well together and, with there being a wide range of skills and abilities found amongst us, we are all able to contribute and be a vital part of each other’s success. 

Best part of the job: The teaching moments. As I interact with my customers daily, it is a joy when I am able to educate one and have them truly understand the process we are undertaking. I also enjoy the opportunities to assist and/or educate my fellow employees to better aid in their understanding and success. 

Why she came to Xerox: I was seeking employment with a reputable company. I was looking for a position that would allow me to grow and advance professionally and financially. 

Biggest benefit Xerox offers: Working for Xerox offers me the ability to do honest work that I truly find rewarding. I also feel that working for Xerox allows me, a single parent, to provide a life for my child that I can be proud of. 

Proudest career achievement: I am most proud of the customer compliments and employee recognitions I have received since working here. Xerox has allowed me to spread my wings and branch out into a field I previously had no interest in. The higher ups appear to be taking notice and my ultimate goal would be to exceed the already high expectations of my performance and work to attain all future aspirations. 


Regional Manager

On his role: I’m responsible for our service delivery, leading my team of managers and ultimately driving innovation for our customers and for Xerox. My team works to come up with new ways to improve the customers’ processes, their workflow and how they handle documents. 

On achieving Xerox goals: To reach goals, I always link everything back to the customer. I know all of the different resources that Xerox offers, and it’s my responsibility to help bring them together. 

On growing his career: I started at Xerox as a contract worker right out of college, and I still have mentor relationships from back then. Immediately I started finding people, products and opportunities for growth. Once success like Xerox gets in your blood, it never comes out. I chose to stay at Xerox because I saw potential – and now I’m living it. 

On the biggest benefit of Xerox: We really believe in empowerment. As a part of Xerox, you’ll be in charge of your career and success. Related to that is the freedom we all have to take big, calculated risks. That’s the only way we’ll continue to build our brand. In our careers, we can plant seeds and work hard. There are always opportunities to grow. 

On his future: I’m always thinking about what’s next for me. At Xerox, I’ll always find more options. Right now, my job is to develop any skills and make myself marketable. If I lack a competency, I know where I can learn it. The leadership at Xerox knows me, and they know what I’m capable of. Together, we’ll do something amazing. 

On what he’s most proud of: When I was named to the Xerox President’s Club – that was quite an honor. For a salesperson at Xerox, there’s no higher achievement. This is a tough award to win. Actually, you earn it by overachieving. I always saw people win this award, and I made it my goal. The years I worked in sales, I made President’s Club three out of four years. I’m proud of that. 

On why you should choose Xerox: This is a great company, but if you want to succeed here, you need to work hard. I’ve built relationships here that will last. I also have a true sense of pride both in the company and in myself. Basically, if you really want to invest in yourself and your company. 


Technical Analyst

On his role: I am a Technical Analyst (supervisor) and I am responsible for providing technical support for the team and provide training for new employees. I take escalations in order to provide quick resolutions for customer satisfaction and ensure technical accuracy. My being diligent, professional and accurate ensures that our customers are well served and therefore happy to keep their business with us. 

On his team: My team is a group of diverse personalities from different backgrounds, cultures and nationalities. There are those who are quiet, some are more outspoken and others are in between. Each and every one is unique and brings a different perspective to the floor and work environment. 

Best part of the job: The favorite part of my job is assisting people and helping them grow. I enjoy working and talking with people, resolving issues and making the customers happy. I am what some call a “people person.” 

Biggest benefit Xerox offers: Relationships, knowledge, experience and growth. I have met, worked and gained knowledge and experience from some of the most outstanding professionals and yet I still continue to learn and grow. 

Proudest career achievement: Being a supervisor and leader over a team. Xerox helped me to get there through the high level of training I received as well as the quality of trainers and professionals I work with.