Gartner Sourcing & Strategic Vendor Relationships Summit

London | 6 & 7 June

Using Advanced Analytics for Digital Transformation.

Atom Bank (AB) is the UK’s first digital bank.

In our Solution Provider Session (Monday 6th June, 3.15pm), Stewart Bromley, their Chief Operating Officer discussed how AB is revolutionising the banking business by introducing telepathic analytics technology.

This technology positions AB to provide the next generation of customer service by both predicting customer needs and matching that with personalised solutions. Xerox is delighted to be part of the revolution.

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Stewart Bromley, Chief Operating Officer, Atom Bank.

Graduating from Warwick University, Stewart has over 28 years international blue chip experience in the automotive, mobile telecommunications and finance sectors.

While at first direct and HSBC, Stewart created the first Digital Centre of Excellence for HSBC Group globally, being accountable for all Digital aspects of the HSBC Retail businesses in the  UK and for digital design and delivery for HSBC brands across Europe.

Stewart is Atom’s COO, encompassing Customer Operations, Intermediary Management, Customer Experience, Business Change, App Design & Development and the end to end  programme delivery of the bank.