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Xerox iGen3



Rated speed Range depending on paper size:
From 120 ipm for 178 x 178 mm to 40 ipm for 364x 521 mm
Resolution 600 x 600 dpi x 8-bit
Recommended average monthly volume 200,000 - 1,200,000+ pages per month
Line screens 150, 175, 200, and 300 lpi, all utilising 256 grey levels


Printed Sides Duplex


  • With Xerox FreeFlow Print Server: Postscript level 1, 2, 3; PDF/Acrobat; TIFF, native and multipage; PCL5c, PCL5e; Print-ready FRF jobs, Xerox VIPP; AFP/IPDS
  • With Creo Spire Color Server: Postscript level 1, 2, 3; PDF/Acrobat; EPS, EPSF; DCS, DCSF; Print-ready RTP jobs; Creo VPS; Xerox VIPP
  • With EFI Fiery Color Server: Postscript level 1, 2, 3; PDF 1.5/Acrobat 6; PDF/X-1a and 3; EPS; DCS 2.0; TIFF and TIFF/IT; JPEG
Network Interfaces Ethernet 10/100 baseT Protocols: TCP/IP, AppleTalk, Novell IPX/SPX, Net BEUI, EtherTalk® Phase II, LPR/LPD
Print Engine Digital Colour Press Xerography

Paper handling

Paper sources Up to 6 feeder modules, each with 2 trays
Standard paper capacity 30,000 sheets
Maximum paper capacity with options 80,000 sheets
Auto Duplex Automatic duplex with wide radius inverter for second side imaging
Media Dimensions - Minimum 178 x 178 mm
Media Dimensions - Maximum 364 x 521 mm
Paper Weight - Minimum 16 lbs
Media Weight - Maximum 130 lbs
Media Types
  • Coated: gloss, matte, dull, silk
  • Recycled, perforated, tabs, transparencies, a wide variety of labels, synthetics
  • Mixed-stock jobs supported at rated speed
  • No drying time before coating


Tray 1 2,500 sheets
Tray 2 2,500 sheets
Tray 3 2,500 sheets
Optional High Capacity Feeder Lasermax Roll Systems DocuSheeter iG: 50,000 sheets
Other Input Devices Xerox Tiltatron/Stackatron/DocuCard Solutions


Output Capacity Two carts per stacker; stacker cart holds 305mm (3,000 sheets) 300gsm -- up to four stackers available


Digital Front Ends Xerox FreeFlow Print Server
  • Features:
    • Maximum efficiency for short-run, fast-turnaround color jobs
    • High performance and productivity for complex and graphic intense VI jobs
    • ConfidentColor Technology including:
      • ICC DeviceLink Profiling
      • Automatic Image Enhancement
      • Outstanding color and image quality controls
    • Seamless interoperability with FreeFlow Product Suite
    • Integrated Parallel RIP Technology
    • Pantone licensed
    • Easy-to-use, customizable GUI for job and production management
    • Concurrent receive, RIP, and print
  • Network Standard Interfaces:
    • Ethernet 10/100/1000 baseT
    • Protocols: TCP/IP, Novell® NDS® IPX/SPX, IPP AppleTalk®, IPP, DHCP, SNMP MIB II support for third-party administration tools
  • File Support:
    • Adobe® PostScript® Level 1, 2, 3
    • Adobe® Acrobat® 7.0, PDF 1.6, PDF/X
    • TIFF, PCL5c, PCL6XL
Creo Spire Color Server
  • Features:
    • High performance RIP designed to optimize digital printing and VI applications with outstanding image quality
    • Comprehensive production tools including imposition, color management, image enhancement, and preflight
    • Flexible Variable Information support for VPS and Xerox VIPP
    • Traditional print and pre-press workflows
  • Network Standard Interfaces:
    • Ethernet 10/100baseT
    • Protocols: TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, AppleTalk, Net BEUI
  • File Support:
    • Postscript level 1, 2, 3
    • PDF/Acrobat
    • EPS, EPSF
    • DCS, DCSF
    • Print-ready RTP jobs
    • Creo VPS
    • Xerox VIPP
EFI Fiery Color Server
  • Features:
    • Simplifies everything your operators do -- from establishing network connectivity to creating variable data print jobs
    • ColorWise® Pro color management toolset lets you manipulate color quality to exact specifications
    • Fiery® DocBuilder Pro supports imposition of static and variable-data printing
    • EFI® Command Workstation software provides job management and control and a common workflow across the enterprise
  • Network Standard Interfaces:
    • Ethernet 10/100 BaseT
    • Protocols: TCP/IP, IPX (NDS), IPP AppleTalk®, EtherTalk® Phase II, LPR/LPD
  • File Support:
    • Postscript level 1, 2, 3
    • PDF 1.5/Acrobat 6
    • PDF/X-1a and 3
    • EPS
    • DCS 2.0
    • TIFF and TIFF/IT
    • JPEG
    • Jobs that have been RIPed for iGen3
    • Jobs submitted from FreeFlow® MakeReady or FreeFlow Print Manager


Dimensions iGen3 110: 23' 8" x 6' x 8' (L x W x H)
iGen3 90: 20' x 6' x 8' (L x W x H)