• Harris Hill Elementary School
Harris Hill Elementary School

Harris Hill Elementary School


"Our primary challenges are implementing the Common Core standards and making sense of the tremendous amount of data that's placed on us from a state and federal level. We need to meet these mandates in a way that makes sense for kids, focusing on the whole child instead of just on common data points."


"Xerox® Ignite™ has made the consumption of data more efficient and more effective for our teachers. We're able to plug the Common Core standards into our assessments and look at where students are having difficulties or struggling with specific skills. It's taking data and correlating it to solid instructional practices that meet our students' needs."


  • Automatic identification of gaps, skill struggles and patterns in each student's learning process
  • Correlation of student data into personalized instructional strategies
  • Minimal time spent grading papers, freeing teachers to focus on lesson planning
  • Integrated implementation of and compliance with national Common Core learning standards
  • Variety of assessment reports, including student progress, test question results, district-wide trends and more

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