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Google Cloud Print

Google has announced that as of January 1, 2021 Google Cloud Print will no longer be supported and devices across all operating systems will not be able to print using Google Cloud Print.

You might like to consider Chromebook Printing.


You conduct business anywhere, at any time. Feel confident knowing your printer is always within reach with Google Cloud Print. It's a simple mobile printing solution for mobile workers that can't count on having access to the same printer or MFP all the time; or do not have the appropriate print driver software for the printer or MFP that is available.

Google Cloud Print enabled Xerox printers and MFPs allow you to securely and directly connect and register with the Google Cloud Print service, so it's always available, wherever you are. No need to install and maintain print drivers or additional software.

Key Features

Google Cloud Print offers secure cloud printing over the web from the applications you use every day.

  • Simplified secure printing from mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops and traditional desktop computers
  • Print securely from anywhere, at any time from a web connected device
  • Easy installation and management with no need to install print drivers or additional software
  • Chromebook ready – Google Cloud Print is the standard printing technology used by Chrome OS on Chromebook computers
  • Print documents directly from Google Drive and Google Docs
  • Share printers with colleagues without the need to understand complicated administrative and security requirements

Your Challenges

The mobile printing landscape offers many solutions that fall short of providing a consistent, easy-to-use experience, including printing. Solutions often look and act differently across the various mobile platforms, causing confusion and lost productivity.

Key Challenges

  • Mobile workers have no access to a printer or MFP when they are out of the office.
  • Printer and MFP availability is often limited to users with local network access.
  • Mobile applications do not support mobile printing.
  • Devices do not support mobile print protocols.
  • Choosing which app to use is difficult and time consuming.
  • There isn't a consistent print method across mobile devices with differing platforms.

How Xerox Can Help

The Google Cloud Print service included on select Xerox printers and MFPs provides a consistent and secure mobile printing experience across multiple device platforms. It makes your printer or MFP available from the devices and applications you use every day, from anywhere, at any time. It is ready to use without complicated set up or additional software to install.

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Print to your Xerox printer or MFP from anywhere, at any time.
  • Enjoy a consistent wireless printing experience from all of your mobile devices.
  • Conduct business with confidence, knowing that your Xerox printer or MFP is always within reach.
  • Easy setup with no additional software to install means you're up and running in no time.