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Equitrac Express®

Print management software and cost recovery solution for colleges, universities, K-12 schools and their libraries


Equitrac Express print management software for colleges, universities, K-12 schools and libraries reduces the costs and complexities of managing print environments while ensuring users can print what they need, when they need it. This intelligent print management solution provides control, convenience, and choice to fully support evolving user requirements while reducing IT complexities.

Key Features

  • Software-based capture, cost allocation, and reporting of every document produced on every device across campus or throughout a district
  • Easy, automatic, enforcement of student print quotas
  • Follow-You Printing with Secure Document Release to eliminate wasteful unclaimed printing and protect confidential documents such as tests and student records
  • Support for all payment methods: Smart or magnetic stripe stored-value cards, campus card systems, local network print accounts, and cash
  • Terminal data collection and PayPal capability to track and recover print costs where no network connection is available
  • Definable print rules and least cost routing
  • Xerox device-embedded and terminal-based solutions available
  • Standards-based, vendor-neutral, unified and centralised system for print network management and complete cost recovery
  • I-Queue allows the selection of one print queue and universal driver for all jobs, to be securely released at an MFP, regardless of type at any location on the network
  • With web-based System Manager, administrators can quickly and easily keep user and department account lists and billing codes up to date via the internet
  • Mobile Web function lets users release documents from mobile devices
  • Capture and Send allows users to capture paper-based information and transform and route it to various destinations

Your Challenges

You have certainly seen recycle bins full of wasted paper, unused prints, and multiple copies of the same document. Even worse is finding entire books or web sites printed for free and then left unclaimed in the output tray.

Key Challenges

  • Wasteful, unnecessary and unclaimed output due to easy access to supposedly free printing
  • Rising print costs take limited resources from important programs and student services
  • Students' personal information or upcoming exams could be exposed at unattended at remote printers
  • Walk-up patrons and campus guests need convenient, private access to copiers, without staff having to play cashier
  • Colour equipment is easily misused; colour output is not easily tracked for cost reporting or charging
  • High level of service is expected by campus community
  • Lack of information on actual print use leads to over-purchase or inefficient placement of equipment

How Xerox Can Help

End print waste and increase print accountability with Equitrac Express® — Equitrac's market-leading print management software and cost recovery solution for colleges, universities, K-12 schools and their libraries. Gain control to ensure that printing is done responsibly, securely and within policy. Gain convenience, providing print access to users whenever and wherever they need it. Gain choice to deploy the infrastructure IT wants while encouraging users to print only what they need.

  • Set and enforce student print quotas. Track every page on every printer. Easily charge students who exceed their semester allowance
  • Eliminate wasteful unclaimed printing. Printed documents are only output when users i.d. themselves at the device
  • Protect privacy and confidentiality with the Follow-You Printing with Secure Document Release feature
  • Easily allocate print costs to students, departments or grants. Free up dollars for important academic programs
  • Provide convenient campus card-, cash- or account-based payment. Automated PIN management and centralised account administration free your staff from playing cashier
  • Increase service levels and reduce help desk calls with simplified, centralised administration
  • Learn exactly how printers and copiers are being used. Make more informed decisions on equipment deployment and acquisition with the insight gained in over 100 summary, detailed and total activity reports
  • Charge different rates for colour output and easily restrict use of colour to authorised users or purposes
  • Demonstrate sound environmental practice
  • Conveniently to submit jobs to one single print queue
  • Reduce traffic on the network by avoiding multiple downloads of many print drivers

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Xerox can design, implement and maintain an Equitrac Express solution end-to-end with worldwide Equitrac certified service and support capabilities
  • Integrates seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure and provides unparalleled support and document accounting accuracy for your network accounting enabled Xerox multifunction printers
  • Commitment to information security through tight and secure integration with Xerox multifunction printers and your existing campus card system
  • Partners for 30 years, Xerox and Equitrac have provided you with the most knowledgeable and experienced cost recovery team in the world


Buyer's Lab (BLI)

BLI named Xerox's line of document imaging solutions, including Equitrac Express, their 2017 Document Imaging Software Line of the Year. "According to our analysis, Xerox offers an unmatched portfolio of both first-party and third-party software solutions."