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Man looking between the shelves in a secure server room

Security at Xerox

Xerox Product Security for Secure Printing

At Xerox, product security issues are front and center. As a leader in the development of digital technology, Xerox has demonstrated a commitment to keeping digital information safe and secure by identifying potential vulnerabilities and proactively addressing them to limit risk. Customers have responded by looking to Xerox as a trusted provider of secure printing solutions with many standard and optional product security features.  Xerox production devices are, of course, designed for speed and include high output features. Xerox office devices are the highest-speed devices in the industry to receive Common Criteria Certification, providing an independent standard for product security. Several of Xerox Corporation’s high-speed digital copiers and advanced multifunction printers have become the fastest office devices in the industry to earn the international standard in information and product security. You may review the Xerox devices that have achieved or are being evaluated for Common Criteria on our Common Criteria page.  These devices join a long list of Xerox mid-speed office products to make it even easier for customers to meet their document production needs and the strict secure printing requirements in the government, military, healthcare, legal and financial sectors. Specific product security features on Xerox devices include: