Think you can’t achieve offset-like quality with inkjet?

See how print professionals fared when they took the Print IQ challenge to tell our offset and inkjet samples apart.

Offset used to be the benchmark for beautiful print, but Xerox® High Fusion Ink is changing the game with stunning image quality and an expanded media range. It gives you the power to turn standard offset coated stock into polished, relevant pieces without breaking the bank.

If the experts can’t tell the difference, imagine the value you can deliver to your customers. Inkjet has evolved, and Xerox® High Fusion Ink is redefining what’s possible by combining quality that rivals offset with inkjet speed, economics and full color personalization.

Produce some of your best work and stand out with Xerox® High Fusion Ink. Eliminate the need for coatings, primers or treatments and achieve stunning direct-to-paper results in less time and for less money. Do more with more media — offset coated mattes, silks and satins. Exceed expectation and keep customers coming back.

The Xerox® Inkjet Portfolio includes a range of products to fit today’s needs and tomorrow’s demands.

The Personalization Opportunity with Inkjet

Now quality is no longer a barrier to going digital with inkjet, you can offer your customers the real benefits of documents personalized for their recipients.

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