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Diversifying — and Profiting — Through Marketing Services

The print business is changing rapidly. But by adding marketing services to your toolbox, you can keep pace and evolve into a higher-margin strategic partner ready to take the lead on multi-channel marketing campaigns.

It’s a new world for print providers. For those who understand the forces driving today’s crowded marketplace, it’s a world of opportunity and growth.

Evolving from a provider simply tasked to deliver print to a high-margin strategic Marketing Service Provider (MSP) radically changes the dynamic with your customers, putting you in position to provide greater value than ever.

Key Stats and Opportunities

With media channels becoming more fragmented and saturated, personalised communications that span multiple channels approach are becoming more critical than ever. For print providers, success now hinges on the ability to obtain these skills and win over customers to this mindset.

Print providers with the highest levels of annual growth generate the greatest amount of their revenue from value-added (non-print) services.

Many print providers are realising this opportunity and are working to take advantage by adding marketing services to their arsenal.

…but with the right tools and preparation, you can successfully make the transition.

4 Ways To Seize the Opportunity:

  1. Train your sales staff to be consultative sellers — focusing discussions on solving customers’ pain points
  2. Learn (or acquire the skills) to handle data
  3. Automate as much of your workflow processes as possible to eliminate potential bottlenecks and maximise efficiencies
  4. Demonstrate your marketing abilities through self-promotional campaigns

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Conversation Starters:

To make the transition to marketing service, you’ll need to convince long-time (and new) customers that you’re more than just a printer. Here are some talking points to consider:

  • “We can help you integrate across channels.”
  • “Working with us will simplify your marketing efforts by consolidating suppliers.”
  • “We can deliver quantifiable results — and optimise accordingly.”

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