• Xerox® ID Checker App

Xerox® ID Checker App

Make fraud protection automatic.


What’s the true cost of ID fraud?

ID fraud is real. So is the cost to business. But spotting it can be a challenge, leading to failure rates of up to 50%*. The Xerox® ID Checker App makes protecting businesses from ID fraud as easy as 1, 2, 3. Now staff can check the validity of an ID document in seconds. Data from onboarding paper processes is automatically captured and fed through your processes. Manual steps are eliminated, so risks of error are reduced. And you can relax, knowing your business is safe.

For every dollar of fraud committed, U.S. retailers incur $3.13 in costs. But manual ID verification is listed as a top challenge by 43%*.

Fewer steps, fewer errors and less fraud.

The ID Checker App helps you reduce the risk of revenue loss associated with manual ID checking. ID verification is as easy as collect, scan and receive notification. No waiting, no risk of undetected errors — just real-time verification and fraud prevention. Easier on customers, easier on staff, easier on you.

Infographic for Xerox ID Checker App - Before
Collect ID from customer.

Infographic for Xerox ID Checker App - After
Open the app to make high-quality scan.

Infographic for Xerox ID Checker App - After
Get instant notification of approval status, and export data if necessary.

Instantly verify ID at point of need?
It’s easy with the Xerox® ID Checker App.

Your employees want to help prevent fraud. But it’s often a challenge. Until now. The new ID Checker App makes it easier than ever for staff to scan global ID documents and capture information — protecting business from fraud during checkout, returns, ship-to-store, pickup, application and onboarding.

ID Checker App at a Glance

Screenshot of ID Checker App Scan Preview

Select the country and the type of document, then scan and preview.

ID Checker - screenshot of ID Checker application

If approved, print/email a certificate and optionally export raw data.

Xerox ID Checker Application - if rejected screenshot

If rejected, review the failed attributes and share the certificate.

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* Source: LexisNexis Risk Solutions, 2019 True Cost of Fraud Study, U.S. Retail Edition