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Document Process Automation

With the right technology in place and document production integrated into your existing environment, you're ready to evolve beyond printing. With document automation transform documents into digital files, enabling multichannel communications and eliminating non-valuable printing before it happens. Xerox local and global experts and partners will help you increase revenue through benchmark communications across all forms: paper or digital, personalised and multi-channel.

Value to You

Evolve Beyond Print
While printed documents are valuable, you can accomplish even more when you migrate from paper to digital, multichannel delivery. Information can flow from a content repository to its end state as a printed document, an email, an interactive document or for display on tablets, PCs or smartphones. We'll help you effectively manage information and document automation through the entire document lifecycle and value chain.

Lincoln Public Schools transformed their entire approach to document and content management with our help. Now teachers, students and staff have a better way to share important information, collaborate and take full advantage of 21st century technology.
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Increase Client Revenue

The key to more sales, revenue and growth is through loyal customers. The best way to acquire and retain loyal customers is to build relationships through ongoing, two-way communications. But how do you cut through the clutter when people are bombarded with thousands of messages a day? By delivering the right message, through the right medium, at the right time.


Xerox ePublishing Services

Reach your customers through both print and electronic formats with a turnkey digital communication service. Our advanced workflows and tools for document processing and conversion allow you to reduce print and gain the greatest value from every content format. Smartphones, laptops, and tablets use the same optimized layout and graphics for fast, dynamic viewing.

Xerox Mail and Distribution Services

Combine Xerox Mail and Distribution Services with Xerox Centralised Print Services to create a more integrated flow between the print room and the mail room. The result: total document services that increase overall efficiency, minimise document handling and reduce labour costs. By integrating mail processing with document production, you'll gain efficient, secure workflows that don't depend on internal resources.

Multi-Channel Delivery

Leveraging multichannel delivery increases reach to customers, lowers costs and improves business results. We provide output in a variety of communication channels including email, web, SMS messaging and print.

Personalised Communications

Targeted, personalised communications increase response rates, response times, and improve buying behaviours. We can use client and customer data to generate high-value, 1:1 communications through print and digital channels.

Industry Document Workflows

Document workflows can be tailored to meet the needs of specific client industries, such as finance and insurance, healthcare, education, manufacturing, telecom, as well as government and public institutions.

Digital Document Transformation

Organisations today operate with both paper and digital forms of communications. We can provide services that easily transition between the paper and digital realms across the document lifecycle – from creation to the mailroom.


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